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Boating from Porvoo to Loviisa

Motor Boating, a beloved pastime of the Finns during the brief summer holiday, offers a convenient and thrilling way to explore Uusimaa and the nearby cities Porvoo and Loviisa. If you travel directly by boat from Porvoo to Loviisa, it will take around an hour boat ride. However, it is more fun to explore different islands have to offer. Island hopping is a fantastic way to discover secluded islands with family-friendly events. With the convenience of traversing different islands in Uusimaa with a boat ride, your summer escapade is sure to be filled with adventure and excitement. 

Jokiranta Porvoo

Tirmon Saaristokeskus got the blues

Tirmo Saaristokeskus, or Nyport, is a bustling harbor accommodating guest boats. It features a summer grocery store, an à la carte restaurant with indoor toilets, and a gasoline station catering to motorboats. One of its main attractions is the two-day festival Tirmo Blues, which takes place on July 19th and 20th. The festival draws cottage dwellers and residents from the Porvoo and Loviisa area who arrive by boat or land to enjoy the music. There's also a bus that runs from Porvoo to Tirmo. Tirmo Blues is known for its intimate atmosphere, allowing attendees to get close to the artists. Over the years, the festival has featured performances by renowned Finnish artists and bands such as Peter Nygard, Reino Nordin, Virve Rosti, Kasmir, Stig and Frederik. Additionally, the Porvoo Big Band and local artists always provide a fresh addition to the festival each year. Tirmo is conveniently located near Pellinki, and you can easily visit Pellinki by ferry.

Tirmo Saaristokeskus
Stig in Tirmo Blues

Pellinki and summer market

Pellinki is home to about 250 residents year-round, with additional summer dwellers. The island is renowned for its Saturday market, running from the end of May to the middle of September. It features a gas station and a Benita cafeteria with an outdoor toilet. Visitors can enjoy activities like mini-golf or picnicking on the sandy beach. Pellinki is ideal for families with children to spend a delightful day by the seaside. The summer market is a treasure trove of various local products, including fresh produce, homemade juices, locally crafted baskets, and traditional bread such as saaristolaisleipä, promising a unique and delightful shopping experience.

Saturday Market in Pellinki
Baskets in Pellinki Saturday Market

Käbböle Marina

Käbböle is a small village known as Käbböle Satama or Käbböle Marina to boaters. It's a place where motorboats can refuel before heading to other islands. The Marina has a small public beach in front of the cafeteria where children can swim and play, and adults can enjoy coffee and other beverages on the terrace. The Käbböle race, one of the most exciting races in summer, will be held for the 15th time on July 7. Anyone with a motorboat can join, and there is a small entrance fee. This year, you can look forward to seeing Alexander Lindholm, an F4 worldwide champion, showcase his skills. Käbböle can also be visited by car, bus, and other transportation besides the boat.

Käbbäle Cafeteria
Käbböle Cafeteria

Svartholm Fortress

Svartholm is a smaller version of Suomenlinna. It is a secluded island with two playgrounds and a restaurant. You can walk around the island for about an hour. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, it is a popular place to visit. One might wonder why the Finns chose to build a fortress there. The island has only one restaurant with a changing menu every year, which is one reason to visit, and the menu is always a surprise. The restaurant also has an indoor toilet, but mostly the guests eat outside. Some people choose to stay overnight and camp on the island. You can get to the island by cruise or a private boat.

Svartholm Fortress

Loviisa the Love City 

Loviisa is a city near Porvoo with a population of 14000 inhabitants. 55% of the population speaks Finnish, while the rest speaks Swedish. The town was established in 1745 and is known for its beautiful and peaceful atmosphere, especially in the summer. Loviisa is famous for its colorful wooden houses and charming rustic gardens, which feature many interesting handicrafts. The church is right beside the Square and surrounded by pink manor houses. Visitors can stroll around the park by the seashore and learn about the city's iron history. Laivasilta is the heart of Loviisa, with its friendly cafes and excellent restaurant services that transport visitors back in time. Families and children can enjoy the beach, a 15-minute walk from Laivasilta and features a small cafeteria, WC, and changing rooms. Loviisa, with its serene and peaceful atmosphere, is the perfect destination for a relaxing summer getaway, easily accessible by car, bus, or boat.

Laivasilta Loviisa
Laivasilta Loviisa


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