Enchanting Porvoo

Visiting Porvoo 

Porvoo (Borgå in Swedish) is the second oldest city in Finland and also a popular day trip from Helsinki. It has been officially existing as a town since the 13th century, but most buildings are from the time of Russian rules in 19th century. Porvoo has been historically an important city for commerce and trading post and goods to destinations across Europe. Moving away from the river, the city attracts the visitors to the old part and its ancient streets lined with colorful wooden houses and creates an artistic atmosphere of a charming and popular center for the visitors. If anyone is interested in shops, restaurants, bars, and boutiques, most of them are placed in this part of the old center. There's also a lot to explore and enjoy by walking to the side roads and streets outside of the old city center surrounded by buildings from more than 200 years ago.

Red shore houses of Porvoo

There are many stunning pictures of the city of Porvoo in any travel guide made from the red shore houses. These houses are painted red since 18th century and they were painted this color in honor of King Gustav III of Sweden who visited the city back then. These houses on the Porvoonjoki shore were used as store houses for coffee and tobacco, but nowadays they are mostly used as houses. It is possible for visitors to enjoy walking around this area easily or to experience paddling on the Porvoonjoki and to see the city in another way interesting as well.