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Privacy Policy 2022

Registrar and Contact Details

Foreigners in Finland / Finnas Palvelut Oy & Partners collaboration



Name of Register: Foreigners in Finland Register

1. Purpose of processing personal data


The register is used for customer management, magazine distribution and billing, web service implementation, communication and marketing. The register information is used for Foreigners in Finland / Finnas Palvelut Oy own direct marketing, unless the customer has banned direct marketing. The name and address of the register may be disclosed for direct marketing purposes unless the customer has denied such disclosure. Foreigners in Finland / Finnas Palvelut Oy uses these and other information generated during the customer relationship to plan product and service offering and to target supply. The goal is to act in a customer-oriented way and also to take into account the customer's different purchasing habits.


2. Content of the register


Personal information is used on the following:


  • Customer contact and billing information: name, address, postnumber, phone number and other customer specific information

  • Identification of the use of services (passwords, nicknames, customer numbers, etc.)

  • Payment methods

  • Service implementation and business development

  • Direct marketing and magazine distribution

  • Managing and marketing events

  • Customer Communications through our forum

  • Customer service and relationship management

  • Data analysis and statistics

  • Opinion and market research

    Personal data will be processed under the Personal Data Act and with the consent or order of the data subject or on the basis of a customer relationship or other legitimate interest.

3. Regular Sources of information


The register's contact information is obtained from the potential customer or customer itself by contacting us via email, phone, social media platforms, interviews, meeting and other events where the customers voluntarily gives up their information to Foreigners in Finland/ Finnas Palvelut Oy. The customer´s contact information will also be obtained when the potential customers subscribes and/ or registers to our newsletter,campaigns and events.


Contact information can also be obtained from companies selling marketing addresses and telephone numbers (eg Posti Group Corporation and Fonecta Oy), companies belonging to the same group, trade register and other similar public and private registers and partners.

Network behavior information is collected by cookies and other similar techniques. Cookie information is not combined with personal information provided by the user.

Customer expires no later than 48 months after
a) The customer's order expires
b) The customer has made the last purchase from the company's online store
(c) the customer has last contacted his / her electronic customer account or
d) the customer has paid his open invoices

At the end of the customer relationship, personal data and copies thereof will be removed from the system.


4. Regular disclosure of information and transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area


The information is not disclosed to third parties for their own purposes, but only for the implementation of the services of the magazine, for example, the supply of a paper magazine or the provision of digital services.

A computing agreement has been concluded with each partner, where the partner commits to process the data in accordance with the data protection legislation and the guidelines of the Foreigners in Finland / Finnas Palvelut Oy and with due regard for data security. Partners undertake to use only subcontractors who follow the same practices.


Foreigners in Finland / Finnas Palvelut Oy may also outsource the processing of your personal information to companies outside the company that may also be located in countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, such as the United States. These companies can process personal information to provide, for example, infrastructure and IT services, or other services. In such cases, sufficient data security and registry processing will be provided by EU-U.S. Using the Privacy Shield, or by contract, using model clauses approved by the EU Commission.

5. Protection of Registry

The registry is handled with care and the information processed by information systems is properly protected. Keeping your registry information on Internet servers ensures that your hardware's physical and digital security is properly managed. The Controller ensures that the stored data, as well as server access and other critical information for the security of personal data, is treated confidentially and only by the employees whose job description it contains. Users are bound by confidentiality. Manually maintained material is located in premises that have been denied unauthorized access.


6. Inspection, Prohibition and Repairs

The data subject has the right to check what information he has stored in the register. The request must be sent in writing and signed to the person in charge of the register, or presented personally at the registry holder's office (address above). An inspection request can be made free of charge once a year. Requests for verification will be answered within three months of the request being made.

The data subject has the right to prohibit the use of his / her data for direct marketing, distance selling or other direct marketing, as well as for opinion and market research by contacting the person in charge of the register, or by notifying the customer service of the magazine.


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