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Explore the beaches outside Helsinki

Yyteri Beach, Pori

Yyteri is Finland’s longest sandy beach (6 kms long) on the western Baltic coast and known for its beautiful sandy dunes. This is a beach outside Helsinki and close to the city of Pori. During summer, one can enjoy many events and activities such as surfing and other water sports or beach volleyball.  

Nallikari Beach, Oulu

This public beach is located in city of Oulu. The beach of Nallikari is about half a kilometer long and situated in the island of Hietasaari in the Oulu region. Visitors could also enjoy a spa hotel, restaurant, and a camping area with the possibility of renting cottages. It's easy to reach the seaside by local bus during the year and the additional trackless train called Potnapekka available during summer.

Rauhaniemi Beach, Tampere

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Rauhaniemi beach, with its beautiful view of the lake Näsijärvi, is a nice place to visit both in summer and winter time (ice swimming). During summer, one can enjoy outdoor area for swimming, 2 saunas (also available for private hire), a public spa, and a café on the beach which includes also indoor sitting with amazing views of the lake. This beach is situated close to Keskustori Central Square in the region of Lapinniemi, and easily reachable by the city bus. The parking area for cars is available close to the beach. Public places in Finland are usually family and kid-friendly. This beach provides a playing area with shallow water and sheltered side perfect for children. People can also enjoy the rocky side of the Lake Näsijärvi, and the 2m diving tower which is still in its original structure and in use.

Ispoinen Beach and Sauna, Turku

This is a beach situated in the city of Turku. It's easily reachable by bus from Turku Center, and if traveling by car, there's also a large parking area accessible. One can enjoy swimming both in summer and winter time (ice swimming), but lifeguards assist on the beach only during the school summer holiday. Other facilities include toilets, changing rooms, sauna, kiosk, and as usual, a playing area for kids.

Vepsa Island, Turku

Vepsä Island is situated in the Airisto, which belongs to the city of Turku. It's a nice destination for a day trip with its easy-to-reach water buses daily. In addition to a safe swimming beach, there are various facilities and activities to enjoy such as mini-golf course, saunas, boats and canoes to hire, and a cafe-restaurant. If visitors wish to stay longer than a day, there are nice and charming accommodations available such as weekly rental cottages.

Aurlahti Beach, Lohja

The beach and harbor of Aurlahti is situated in Lohja town. This is a sandy and soft beach, and definitely not rocky. The grass and trees, children playground, kiosk and cafe, are what makes this a nice place to spend a sunny day. Aurlahti is also a recommended point for canoe trips, and there is a boat pier with a trailer shuttle transport to Liessaarenkatu. Some boats go to summer cottage over the weekend. There are various services and facilities for hikers, boaters, fitness devices, beach volleyball field, and a parking area with an option of bringing the car on the beach for lifting or removing the boats. One can also enjoy the nature by having a nice walk along the beach to Liessaari Nature Trail, or to the Porla area with ponds to see water birds swimming in the Lohja Lake (Lohjanjärvi). Some people may go to the beach in the evening to relax, or have some beer with friends.

Lammassaari Island, Imatra

'Lammas' means 'sheep' and 'saari' means 'island'; this 'Sheep Island' is a protected place and contains dwelling sites from Stone Age (about 5500-6000 years ago), and a small beach. There is a nature trail about 2-4 kms long depending on the chosen path, and it is a beautiful place to visit in spring and in winter too. The island of Lammassaari is suitable for families, as it provides open campfire sites, a shelter house with free firewood, and a cafeteria. Lammassaari Island has a small hiking area close to Imatran Kylpylä Spa. But if anyone is interested in a more natural area and a longer hike, Malonsaari Island is a good place to go for a walk. It's situated 3 kilometers from Lammassaari. Along the path, one can find barbecue places with open fire.

Bellevue Beach, Hanko

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Hanko is one of the sunniest places in Finland which offers the joyful experience of spending time on the beach. Hanko's coastline is 130 kms long out of which 30 consist of fine sandy beach and some rocks.



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