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Summer camps in Finland

There are different camps for children in Finland, most of them cater to ages 5-12 years old. The camps are usually offered in Finnish but there are also English and international language camps as well.

The summer camp seasons starts immediately when school ends. If your children have not learned the Finnish lifestyle, this is a great way to expose them to it. They will visit the forests and learn about natural resources. hey will get to swim, go to the sauna and learn how to use the pucee, if they have not learned to do so already. The greatest experience is to get to play with kids from different cultures, learn new activities, and enjoy nature.


Daycamps are from 7-12 years old and children can participate from Monday-Friday at 8:00-16:00. The camps are usually organized near home by different associations such as sport, church and other non-governmental groups. These cost around 80-200 Eur which are often inclusive of a themed programme, lunch, snacks, and insurance.

International daycamps and Finnish language nightcamps are organized by Leirikesä Ry


Traditionally nights camps are meant for children to stay in a camping site with supervised programme. Accommodation will be on a shared room with other kids or tents on a camping site near the lake or sea. Remember to bring a warm sleeping bag, backpacks and other accessories. The length of nightscamps are from a minimum of three to six days, but you can choose different camp sites for kids. There are also different themes for camping.

Family camps

Some associations organize family camps, where multicultural families can have free time, meet new acquaintances, and enjoy the summer in Finland. This is a good opportunity to know the Finnish culture. Read more information about the multicultural summer camps organized by Parasta Lapsille Ry.

Camp Centers

There are different camp centers all over Finland. The camp centers can also be rented privately. Most of them do not have a website, so you can find information in one of the associations sites that organizes the camps.

  • Hauhon Lomakeskus ( Hämeenlinna)

  • Kiljavan Leirikeskus ( Hyvinkää)

  • Kurun Leirikeskus ( Teisko)

  • Lasten lomakoti ( Nummela)

  • Leirikeskus Hilperi ( Pietarsaari)

  • Leirikeskus Koivuhaka( Oulu)

  • Leirikeskus Luovi ( Kotka)

  • Leirikeskus Lintukoto ( Kotka)

  • Lomakeskus Pukkila ( Visuvesi)

  • Lomakoti Kotoranta ( Kiljava)

  • Urheiluopisto Kisakeskus ( Raasepori)

Camp support

Some summer camps are supported by Veikkaus, a goverment-owned betting monopoly. Families who have economic, social, and health restraints can apply for a holiday support allowance by filling the application in one of the associations. Economic grounds imply that support will be granted for families whose net income is around 1000 Eur. Health restraint criteria will be granted if one of the family members has some illness and social restraint criteria will be granted depending on the challenges of the family. The camper is supported if they live in Finland in a private household.

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