10 Top Destinations in Finland

Finland is known as the goodest country in the world. It´s also clean, safe, and the land of thousands of lakes and forests. Thus, the best way to explore Finland's nature, history, and culture is through a tour of its cities.

1 Helsinki 

Helsinki by Foreigners in Finland
Tuomionkirkko, Helsinki / Photo by Juha Roisko

As the capital of Finland, Helsinki offers much to explore and to enjoy all year round. It's safe, easy to walk and bike everywhere from the Senate Square to the Helsinki Cathedral and Presidential palace. The astonishing architecture of remarkable buildings such as the Oodi Library, the Market Hall, Sauna, and discover free entrance museums. Enjoy the lively seafront and events around the year. Take a dip in refreshing pools and saunas all over the town. Try the excellent public transportation system or hop on one of the many islands with beaches, including the UNESCO heritage fortress island Suomenlinna, and experience the effectiveness and freshness of one of the best cities in the world.

2 Vantaa


Vantaa is a city situated in Southern Finland, just a 15-minute ride from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Although the city is young, the history of Vantaa has already been there for centuries, offering many events and festivals every year. There are also several interesting places to explore in Vantaa such as nature, shopping malls, theatres, museums, sightseeing points lakes, street art, and architecture. Heureka the Finnish Science Centre, Fazer's chocolate visitor centre, Finnish Aviation Museum, Sauna experience at Lake Kuusijärvi, Vantaa City Museum, Church of St.Lawrence/Pyhän Laurin kirkko, Nature and green areas, are all among the many attractions which Vantaa offers.

3 Espoo

Espoo is part of the Finnish Capital Region, the second-largest city and municipality in Finland. It is a city rich in culture and nature. Espoo hosts Nuuksio National Park and the Baltic Sea; the coast and archipelago are easily accessible. You will discover the Museum of Modern Art EMMA, The only Museum of Horology- Kellomuseo, Toy Museum, exhibition center Weegee, and Gallen Kallela Museum. You can enjoy the Serena Waterpark during winter and summertime and stroll to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Finland, Westend.

4 Tuusula

The fantastic coastal area of Lake Tuusula is a road with a beautiful landscape. It is a place to discover the rich cultural history of Finland and find home museums of various famous Finnish artists. These artists who have lived and worked around Lake Tuusula are among those who had a significant and cultivating influence on Finnish society and culture through music, literature, and visual art. Therefore, the shore of Lake Tuusula hosts some beautiful historical villas and museums worth visiting. It is not only history but also beautiful nature and the rural scenery of this region which attracts many visitors. 

5 Porvoo

Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland and also a popular day trip from Helsinki. It has been officially existing as a town since the 13th century, but most buildings are from the time of Russian rule in the 19th century. Porvoo has been historically a famous city for commerce and trading post and goods to destinations across Europe. The old town attracts visitors and its ancient streets lined with colorful wooden houses and creates an artistic atmosphere of a charming and adorable center for the visitors. There's also a lot to explore and enjoy by walking to the side roads and streets outside of the old city center surrounded by buildings from more than 200 years ago.

There are many stunning pictures of the city of Porvoo in any travel guide made from the red shore houses. Since the 18th century, the red houses were painted in honor of King Gustav III of Sweden, who visited the city back then. These houses on the Porvoonjoki shore were used as storehouses for coffee and tobacco, but nowadays, they are mostly used as houses. It is possible for visitors to enjoy walking around this area comfortably or to experience paddling on the Porvoonjoki.