Find paradise on earth in Pori's Yyteri beach

Yyteri beach, known for its beautiful sandy dunes, is Finland’s longest sandy beach (6 km long) on the western Baltic coast. The Yyteri dunes are part of the Bothnian Sea National Park and the beach is part of the internationally acknowledged Natura and nature conservation area. It's located in Pori, about 3-hour drive by car from Helsinki.

The beach is excellent for families because of its safety, clean sands, warm and shallow water, and many facilities for everyone. There's also information available about the quality of water displayed outside changing rooms located at the entrance of the beach. In the summertime, one can enjoy nature hiking, golf, many events and activities such as surfing and other water sports or beach volleyball.

The place is also known for a variety of birds, ie the migrating arctic species that stop at the areas of Yyteri silt to eat and rest. This makes the area a wonderful location for observing thousands of birds- the season starts soon after the winter and melting of the ice, and lasts until October.


Yyteri is open every day during the year. Aside from the common area, there's also a nudist beach, and a dog beach (Merisatamantie 13). Facilities include toilets, restaurant,s snack spaces, changing rooms, barbecue space, car park, lifeguard, and the popular Yyteri Hotel and Spa nearby.


Yyteri offers many activities for families with children a