School Schedule in Finland

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

School Schedules in Finland
Download the school Schedule in Finland 2021-2022

The school schedule

The school schedules were translated to English from the Finnish National Agency for Education- Opetushallitus. The programs include the dates of the schools working days and holidays in mainland Finland. The Finnish dates are written (1.5), which means May 1, similar to British English. Schools start in Finland in August. The Autumn holiday (syysloma) usually begins in October, the Christmas holiday ( joululoma) starts in the third week of December, and the Winter holiday (talviloma) starts in February. School ends on the last week of May or the first week of June.

Organizing babysitters for the holidays

Companies are often flexible to parents with small children and grant them holidays during these periods. Some working parents might struggle to get babysitters during these holidays; however, daycare centers, sports clubs, and other entities organize day camps. Having a detailed schedule early on makes it easier to plan what to do during these holidays.

Short school days

First to sixth graders usually have a short period of about 21-25 hours per week. In comparison, 7-9 graders have an average of 30 hours per week. However, schools can decide if they want to have longer school hours.

There are traditionally afternoon clubs (iltapäiväkerho) for 1st-3rd graders on the school premises or organized by the Lutheran church. Some schools and local associations offer 1-2 hour clubs for kids who do not want to go to the afternoon clubs.

School lunch is free

Schools in Finland offer nutritious lunches, but Finnish food might be a culture shock for foreign kids. The buffet consists of vegetables, salad, potatoes, rice or pasta, meat, fish, or a vegetarian meal to choose from. Children can choose to drink skimmed milk or water. Allergies, ethics, or religious diets are taken into account when planning the kids' school meals. However, snacks are not necessary unless kids have a more extended school day or go for a class trip.