Turning a hobby into a profession, and doing it with style

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Magic Dog
Photo by Juha Roisko

It is also worth understanding that at first, you will have to invest a lot of time in the company, perhaps even to the detriment of the family.neur managing a dog grooming business in Finland together with independent entrepreneurs Alexandra Toronen and Irina Turchina, who work beside her in her salon. She is also a woman committed to continuously developing her strengths, Irina tells FIF readers how she found her path as an entrepreneur in Finland.

From where and when did you move to Finland?

Our family moved to Helsinki six years ago from Russia. We were born and raised in Moscow where we worked before moving here.

What did you do before coming to Finland?

I worked in an international consulting company, recruiting personnel for the field of IT.

How did your family end up in Finland?

My husband was offered a job in Finland and we decided to give it a try. First, my husband moved, then my daughter and I followed. At that time, my daughter was a little over 3 years old. Before moving here we were already familiar with the country as tourists: we went skiing almost every winter, mostly to the northern part of Finland, of course. So, we knew the country to some extent.

Tell us about your life experiences in Finland? What was a pleasant surprise or disappointment in Finland?

Initially, my impressions of the country were extremely positive. While our daughter and I were getting a residence permit, we explored Helsinki and found out how everything works. We tried to make new acquaintances, for example, by walking with my daughter at the playground. We were given a place in the daycare fairly quickly, and I was able to attend Finnish language courses. I found the courses pretty quickly and there were no problems finding them at that time. At first, I attended intensive courses for 6 months, then 3 months of other courses: I studied the language for  9