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5 side hustles in Finland

Collect bottles

Collecting pawned cans and bottles can provide you with a small additional income, which can be necessary for survival. If you live in a large city or near festival areas, you can find a lot of bottles to collect. It's also helpful to know places where people gather, as they are more likely to leave behind cans and bottles. It is important to note that this income is taxable, so you must inform the Finnish tax office of your earnings.

Collecting berries

Berry picking in Finland is a great way to earn extra income, as the income is tax-free and can be added to your regular salary, student aid, or pension. You can also collect other naturally growing plants, like mushrooms, and sell them as they are, without any processing. However, it's important to remember that only berries, mushrooms, and plants that grow naturally in Finland can be sold tax-free.

Resell 2nd hand items.

Finland has a growing trend of buying second-hand clothes and other items. The people of Finland are environmentally conscious and are interested in purchasing items that are still in good condition. You will find a buyer if you are selling clothes or other items in good condition. Branded items and kids' items are trendy.

Influencer and Affiliates

Suppose you possess a substantial following on your social media platforms. In that case, consider transitioning into an influencer role, establishing an affiliate blog, or creating videos from the ground up. This shift eliminates concerns about the marketability of your content and allows for skill development in areas like web development, writing, marketing, and media production. Several affiliate programs, such as TradeTracker, Adtraction, and TradeDoubler, offer viable options for consideration. This also requires a chat with the tax office, because it´s a taxable income.

Work online

People may be willing to pay for your services if you possess writing, web development, data analysis, graphic designing, or programming skills. You can establish yourself on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork, which can help you earn money even in Finland while enjoying the beauty of nature. However, you must pay income tax if you choose to work as a freelancer.



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