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Finnish language skills: A must for working in Finland

Finland is a country that offers numerous opportunities to achieve a high standard of living while maintaining a remarkable work-life balance. However, for immigrants, one of the most significant hurdles to integrating into Finnish society is learning the Finnish language. Although some immigrants may find employment with sufficient English proficiency, Finnish language proficiency is still crucial in many sectors, such as those related to customer service.

Why are Finnish Language Skills Important in the Workplace?

Over five million people speak the Finnish language, and it holds a unique place in the world of languages. It is one of the most challenging languages, especially for those who need to learn Finnish grammar or vocabulary.

In Finland, most of the jobs require proficiency in the Finnish language. As a non-native speaker, your chances of employment are significantly higher if you can communicate effectively in Finnish. Besides just getting a job, learning Finnish can make workplace interactions smoother and foster better work relationships. Also, it will help you with daily activities.

Tips to Improve Your Finnish Language Skills

Here are some tips to improve your Finnish language skills:

1. Attend a Finnish Course

The best way to improve your Finnish language skills is to enroll in a Finnish language course. There are various language schools and online resources that can help you hone your Finnish grammar and syntax.

2. Practice Speaking Finnish

It's crucial to practice speaking Finnish as frequently as you can, even with just your friends or people in your neighborhood. It can help you improve your confidence while communicating in Finnish, which is essential for your work performance.

3. Watch Finnish TV Series and Movies

Watching Finnish TV series and movies is a fun way to improve your Finnish language skills. It can help you learn new words and phrases, improve your listening skills, and help you learn quickly.

4. Immerse Yourself in Finnish Culture

Immersing yourself in Finnish culture is another way to learn the language quickly. You can attend local events, read Finnish books, listen to Finnish music, and practice using phrases you've learned from them.

In conclusion, learning Finnish is an essential aspect of living and working in Finland. Employers value employees who speak Finnish, which opens doors to better jobs and professional growth. With dedication, persistence, and a willingness to immerse yourself in Finnish culture and language, you can quickly sharpen your Finnish language skills and thrive in your career.



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