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Things to do in your local area

Living in Finland can be quite expensive. Most foreigners live on a minimum income so it's important to find engaging and enriching activities that fit the budget.

Free libraries

The Finnish libraries are a haven for every immigrant because there are so many things you can do there other than borrowing books. It is a great place to relax, read, study, listen to or make your own music, surf the internet, and learn new things. Some Finnish libraries are also equipped with new technologies such as 3D-printers, karaoke machines and a cinema. The libraries are for all ages and there is usually a cafeteria to eat whenever you go hungry. All you need is a library card if you want to borrow books, cds, dvds and bring them home.

Youth centers

If you are under 30, and interested to get a new hobby, meet new friends, attend courses, join a club, hang out with your friends or go on a field trip, a youth center is just the perfect place.

You can play billiards and lots of board and console games, do crafts, cook or even watch a movie. Youth centers also organize activities sometimes such as theme nights, trips and contests. These are controlled and safe leisure centers, where there is always an adult youth work professional.

Clubhouse for the residents - Asukastalo

Residents in a certain area share a club house called Asukastalo where the residents can rent the premises for free or for a small fee. The club house is usually used for meetings, exhibitions, internet or information area, and private events such as birthdays, and small parties.

Friendship associations

Friendship associations are focusing in serving their countrymen and they usually organize different events and meetings. Foreigners in Finland have gathered information of different associations in Finland.

Now that you know the things you can do in your local area, how about visiting the museums?

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