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Feeling at home in a foreign land

How to make a new country feel like home and how a positive attitude makes a difference

Mov­ing to a for­eign coun­try is not only for study or work, starting a family or seeking refuge. It is a stepping stone to the unfamiliar. It is finding new friends, contributing to a new community, and learning different values and culture. Adopting to a new kind of life that someday one might consider home.

Immigration has always been part of the history worldwide. For whatever reason, a foreigner needs to adapt in order to survive in another country, therefore it is essential to have the right attitude towards the new country to live with dignity, serenity and peace.

It is understandable that WE need to make twice the effort, WE should adopt and fit in, WE must be able to motivate ourselves in order to be able to shout out loud that this is also our home.

As a foreigner, we should accept that something "new" is approaching. A person, an environment, a nation with lots of positive aspects to explore. We learn and exchange the positivity and put them into practice for a better life, which benefits everyone. In "new", there is a lot to see, to learn, to discover, to experience and therefore to enrich ourselves even more than before.

We exchange ideas to face the negative and the things that frighten us in order to find solutions on how we can overcome them together. Our attitude should be open towards changes and accept that it is normal to have rollercoaster of emotions, feelings of insecurity, worries, and fears of imbalance.

We have to understand that change happens to everyone everyday. In order for us to evolve, we must adopt a good mindset that change is inevitable. It is a normal part of a healthy life and necessary as the air to breath. In nature, there is always movement and change, unless it is death.

We can overcome our difficulties. It is not easy and requires some work. Know that nothing great and significant comes in living easy and that we can start to create our new great life by reaching our potentials. To live in compassion and kindness in a new country, find peace and take an extra step make it feel like our home. 

Mehri R.



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