5 things to do in winter

Hiihtoloma which is a straight translation of hiihto- ski and loma- holiday. Winter Holiday is right next door and most of the Finns are already packing their suitcases, renting cottages and enjoy the countryside because usually there are more snow up North. However, this winter have given us a beautiful chilly weather to celebrate in the South of Finland. So don´t let the cold bother you, go out and have fun. Before doing so, please wear layered clothing to be warm enough to enjoy the outdoor activities with family and friends.


There are ice-skating rinks everywhere and usually within walking distance from residential areas. They are usually situated in parks, but also some schools also have skating rinks or nearby lakes ( be careful that the ice is thick enough to skate). Children from the age of three already learn to ice-skate, but anyone can learn how to ice-skate. Foreign parents that are from warmer countries might not know how to ice-skate, but you can also enjoy outdoors and help your kids learn how to ice-skate and enjoy a new unique skill. Maybe one day, they would like to be an ice-hockey player or a figure skater.

Foreigners in Finland
Hiekkaharjun urheilukenttä, Vantaa

2. Skiing

Skiing is another sport that is quite popular in Finland. There is a special word in Finland called pururata. It is a sawdust track in a nearby forest where you run in summer and ski in winter. It is usually situated near the school or residential areas.