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The stories of foreign mothers

Updated: May 9, 2021

“All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” Abraham Lincoln

Mother’s Day in Finland or äitienpäivä has been celebrated since 1918. It all started when a school teacher named Vilho Reima brought it to Finland after Finland’s independence war. Read this article about Celebrating Mother Day in Finland.

You can find unique stories about inspiring foreign mothers who went through challenges and managed to overcome the difficulties in living in a foreign country. Here you see some beautiful stories, such as Portnipa, an author from Thailand, who wrote the book called The Foreign-In-Law. The story of Josephine becoming a saladmaster, and Danielle a doula mother in Finland, supports the transformation that parents go through when having a baby, especially as foreigners without their immediate family.

Wishing you a nice Mother’s Day; let’s honor them and celebrate by connecting and reaching out to the mothers with affection, and let them know that they are loved, appreciated, and respected.

We hope you get the chance to read these articles and find some motivating and supportive messages and enjoy fantastic moments with family, perhaps with preparing a nice easy meal such as noodles recently published or a simple, delicious sweet-tart such as Chocolate-Nut Tart.

I’d like to finish the article with words of the poet Rumi as a blessing dedicated to our readers who are beloved Mothers’:

Every midwife knows

that not until a mother’s womb

softens from the pain of labor

will a way unfold

and the infant finds that opening to be born.

Oh, friend!

There is treasure in your heart,

it is heavy with child.


All the awakened ones,

like trusted midwives are saying,

‘welcome this pain.

It opens the dark passage of Grace.



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