Danielle, a doula in Finland

Updated: Apr 15

Business and Work by Foreigners in Finland
Photo by Danielle Bensky

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Danielle Bensky. I am a psychologist and postpartum doula.

I am originally from Israel. It's is my second time living in Finland. I lived here as a teenager and went to Helsinki's international school, where I graduated from. My father was working here as a relocation. I moved back for the second time with my Finnish husband and baby.

In Finland, I opened my own business, Mothers Transition, supporting the transformation that parents go through when having a baby, especially as foreigners without their immediate family. I have a baby who is now 11 months old. She was born in Amsterdam, which is where we lived before moving here. We moved here when she was four months old.

How did you reach Finland?

We moved to Finland because my husband is a Finn. He grew up here, and his family is here, so we decided to live here. We met in Israel and lived together in Israel and Amsterdam, so it's our first time living in Finland together.

Tell us about your language skills and your knowledge of the Finnish language?