Rush time noodle

Food and Drink by Foreigners in Finland
Photo by Tailee See / Cultural Business Training

‘What should I eat for lunch today?

‘I only have half an hour for lunch before my next online lecture starts!’

Sometimes we really running out of ideas and time for just a proper lunch, with the situation now working and learning from home, choices of food become limited especially for those who loves eating in cafes and restaurants during lunch hours.

From the municipality I came from Penang, one of the tiny islands in Malaysia, I didn’t really have much problem about choices of food, because we have different types and choices of street food available 24/7. Namely like Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Vietnam, Indonesian or even Western food.

Unlike in Finland, food choices are sometimes limited in certain municipalities, so does the choices of ingredients like tropical spices and herbs. With these challenging situations, I become more innovative and creative, at the same time very passionate into cooking. Since then I have created various easy cooking recipes to help students and busy friends to have decent healthy meals, even though they don’t know how to cook.

My friends always tell me that cooking is an art. To me cooking is both an art and science. As an art when it is about food display while serving, as science while in cooking, types of wok and pan use, temperature of the heat, types of ingredients and sauces used, at the same time how the sauces interact with the ingredients.....etc.

Well, for this recipe you don’t really need an excellent recipe from famous cook, a