Social Distancing with family. It´s child's play.

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In a very unusual situation, children are out of school during the State of Emergency. Are they in vacation mode? Not at all. How about us parents, how is our schedule when all the kids are home? 

Finland has been doing necessary precautions for the coronavirus pandemic by closing the schools. Limiting the daycares though it continues to be open. Employees are allowed to work remotely. 

How can we help with the homework given by the teacher? Do we all know the language? For almost everyone, we at least know the basics of Finnish. We always received an email from the teachers written in Finnish via Wilma. In such cases that we do not understand the task at all, we can have quick help from Google Translate for example. It may not translate the whole sentence correctly but particular words can be easier translated. 

What happens if both parents work remotely, with the combination of school-aged kids and daycare age kids at home for the whole day? This may sound chaotic, busy, noisy to name it a few. This is all for the safety of our family. This is all temporary. 

There are many ways to keep our schedule easier and less stressful. 

Remote studying for school-age kids

Our children are used to being in school, every weekday with the proper schedule on what are the things to do. How do we parents help them do the same thing while they are at home. Simply, follow the same routine. Let them sleep and wake up as if they are going to school. That will make them feel that they are not in vacation mode.