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Saladmaster is in Finland

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Saladmaster is a health and nutrition company whose mission is to inspire people to eat better, live better, and achieve the life they desire. With a vision to lead the movement back to healthy home cooking and educate families on nutritional living benefits.

Saladmaster started back in 1946 in the USA but transformed the lives of millions around the world. It began with our original World Famous Food Processor. It's not a gadget, and it's a kitchen appliance. When the company first started, this was all they used to make. It's a Master of Salads, both fruit and vegetable...hence the name.... 'SALAD MASTER'. Over the years, that's turned into the full range of specialist cookware. A specialist cooking with the latest in cooking technology, merge with the latest cooking methods. Our engineers have been able to do things that nobody else has. You will see food prepared that is low fat, low cholesterol, heart-healthy, and guilt-free.

Saladmaster has offices in Norway and Sweden, and our mission is to establish an office in Finland. January 2020, Saladmaster arrived in Finland. Coronavirus affected the flow of work in establishing our company in the beginning but soon found out, not only in Finland that Saladmaster healthy home cooking is what is needed especially when families stay home.

We don't see Saladmaster in television advertisements nor in any newspapers. We advertise through cooking a free nutritional meal for your family. We cook with no oil, no water, and below the boiling point. It is a very healthy way to cook. We come to your home to bring everything and cook a three-course meal and show you quick and easy food preparation. Should you want to join Saladmaster, as one of our cooking coaches, we will gladly inform you how. We need full-time, part-time people; we choose the hours we work to fit in well with family life, children, or even another job. We have people who started as cooking coaches, and today they are in training and management positions and have become pretty successful. It is an easy job, we meet many people, and we work on our own without much supervision. The company gives fantastic training. We do not require educational background nor work experience.

Let us start by receiving us in your home for a cooking presentation, spend 2,5 hrs of your valuable time with us.

Cynthia Carino


MJ Healthy Living AB

+358 468485514


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