Victoria’s Coffee

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Food & Culture by Foreigners in Finland
Photo taken in Kahvi Charlotta Vernissa

Victoria greets with a kind, friendly, and lively smile. Her newest expenditure, a Coffee Roastery in Rekola, Vantaa. The Roastery showcases attractively illustrated portraits of farmers and workers who have dedicated their lives to producing coffee. It is admirable how she transmits passion and interest towards her work to people via her words, the people in Latin America which she cares about, traveling there, seeing them, inviting them here to Finland, and painting their faces on the packages of coffee. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Owning a restaurant was my dream when I was 14 years old, so I went to study as a chef, but I saw it was not my thing. I left Finland, and I went to Spain when I was 17 years old and spent six months there. I started to work in different places and restaurants. Finally, I found my passion for coffee. Soon afterward, I moved to Norway.

How did you become a coffee entrepreneur?

There was a big coffee chain in Norway, where I wanted to work. They didn't want to take me in the beginning, because I didn't speak Norwegian or Swedish. So, it was complicated to get in, but I decided that I wanted to stay there, and I knew I am good, and I have a full drive to learn. I went every day to different stores and cafes for a month. I dropped my CV everywhere every day. Finally, I got to one interview, which the lady told me that they have never seen anyone wanting this job so much. So, they gave me the chance to get one shift. Then I started, I became shift manager, store manager, four years I lived in Norway. But the important thing is that when I got 18, I started to write business plans because I observe what they do. Every place I went, I learned, I collected information and made experience.