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Order Food Online

This post contains commercials for Pizza Online/Foodora and Matsmart via ad links. You can read more about advertisements and affiliates in our term of use.

In Finland, it's very convenient to order food online. We can order meals in restaurants or food for your fridge in online grocery shops. You can choose to pick it up or home delivery.

The tricky thing about shopping online is the Finnish language. There must be a law about making the site or app available in English because it is tough to find an online store with English language preferences. At least by ordering online, you will learn the Finnish vocabulary in no time. So we will guide you where and how to shop online and what are the most convenient and unexpected places to order food and groceries.

Food Delivery from Restaurants to your doorstep

Pizza Online is now Foodora. It is one of the most popular places to order food online. Wolt is a Finnish based provider that is one of the main competitors of Foodora.

Both deliver food directly to your doorstep so you can order practically mostly any food and preferences. However, the availability depends on your location. The great thing in ordering food through Foodora or Wolt is helping couriers be employed, and small restaurants have a steady flow of orders.

ResQ is saving the surplus of food in restaurants and cafes. By buying food from ResQ, you will also save the food from wastage.

Online Grocery Stores

Foodie.fi and K-Ruoka are the main competitors physically and also online grocery shopping. Some say that these shops are expensive because they collect card points, Plussa or Bonusta. You can also have your groceries packed, and you pick it up on your way home or delivered directly to you on your doorstep. Foodie.fi famous grocery stores are Alepa, S-Market, or Prisma, while K-Ruoka has the K-Market or Citymarket. Both of the store's application can be downloaded and directly ordered through your phone or their website.


Many foods go directly to the garbage bin due to overproduction. The idea of Matsmart is to buy food cheaply through the internet that would go to the garbage bin. Even though Matsmart is not as famous as K-ruoka or Foodie, it is less expensive, at least around 20-90% cheaper, so they say. You cannot find products that need cold storage. However, you can find pasta, canned goods, baby food, sports drinks, cleaning products, and even toilet papers. They also deliver all over Finland, and you get to save the food that will go to the waste bin.

Small convenient stores

There are many niche food and ethnic shops or restaurants nearby your home or office. If you are interested to support them then the best thing to do is pick up your mobile phone and order from them directly. Maybe you will learn one or two new languages as well.