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Orderfood online by Foreigners in Finland

Ordering food online is very convenient in Finland. You can order meals from restaurants or groceries for your fridge from online shops. You can pick up your order or have it delivered to your home. However, the tricky part is that most sites and apps are only available in Finnish. It would be helpful if companies offered an English language option. But, ordering online can be an excellent way to learn Finnish vocabulary quickly. We're here to guide you on where and how to shop online, and we'll also share some unexpected places where you can order food and other groceries.

Food Delivery from Restaurants to your doorstep

Wolt* and Foodora are one of the most popular places to order food online. 

Both deliver food directly to your doorstep so you can order practically any food, specifically your preferences. However, the availability depends on your location. The great thing about ordering food through Wolt * and Foodora is helping immigrant couriers who do not speak the Finnish language be employed, and small restaurants have a steady flow of orders.

A new user? Get a discount from Wolt * using this voucher code AFFWOLTFIN23. The value is 6 euros discount on the first order and it is valid until the end of 2023.

Online Grocery Stores

Wolt*, Matsmart*, Foodie, and K-Ruoka deliver food to your doorstep. You can download the online food store applications conveniently to your smartphone. belongs to S-Group, which compasses Aleppo, S-Market, and Prisma grocery stores. K-Ruoka belongs to Kesko , which includes stores such as K-Market, K-Supermarket, and Citymarket. However, Wolt* competes with restaurants and grocery stores with choices such as neighborhood K-Markets, food, and pet merchandise such as Musti and Mirri.

It is unfortunate that a lot of food goes to waste because of overproduction. However, the company Matsmart* has a solution to this problem. They purchase food that would otherwise end up in the garbage bin and sell it at a reduced price through their online platform. Matsmart* claims that their products are 20-90% cheaper than typical retail prices. Their inventory includes items such as pasta, canned goods, baby food, sports drinks, and cleaning products.

There are likely many niche food and ethnic shops or restaurants near your home or office. If you want to support them, the best thing to do is pick up your mobile phone and order from them directly.



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