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Regional Elections 2022

What are Regional Elections?

Finland's first regional elections will decide about local services in the welfare areas from the beginning of 2023. Elected delegates as a regional council will decide about services such as primary health care, medical care, social care, services for children, young people, and families, services for the working-age, services for the elderly, mental health and substance abuse services, disability services, pupil and student care, welfare and health promotion and rescue services.

Who can vote?

In December, eligible voters are notified of their voting rights and have already received an official notice either by post or sent to service.

If you have not voted in advance, you can vote at the polling station listed on the ballot paper sent to you On the official voting date, which is January 23, 2022.

Mehri, a candidate for the regional elections and her expresses her views

The future of humanity depends on visionary leadership and diversity. A new story based on scientific facts and love in action for a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier and joyful world is the only solution.’ - Deepak Chopra

We are currently experiencing urgent problems on many aspects; health and social (pandemic) as well as environmental fronts (disruption of the environment, pollution in nature, climate change), which all are interconnected and tightly related.

Sustainability is fundamental for functioning of the healthcare system. Well-being and sustainability are not separated, they are related values. Studies indicate how the health service is defined as sustainable, how it needs to be operated to meet individual and public health needs. I would like to use my knowledge on this important issue with the cooperation of experts of the region, since this is a future vision for human and environmental well-being: to stress the connection of physical and mental health, happiness and nature.

Going towards sustainability and well-being is essential in order to reduce the health-care costs, to avoid the next pandemic and heal our future, and make it equal for everybody. Good nutrition, mental health and access to healthcare services are fundamental parts of society.


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