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Who to vote in the election?

Vaalikone, or voting machine, comes in many different kinds. These election compasses help you find the right candidates. It works with letting you see the answers to a set of questionnaires that the candidates have answered previously. Topics include social security, foreign policy, immigration, transport, and climate.

Foreigners in Finland can find two different kinds of elections compasses in English to guide them in finding the right candidate. These compasses are meant to give you an idea of who to vote for in the Parliament Election 2019. At the same time, as you go through the same set of questions, the machine will recommend the most suitable candidates who have similar or closest answers to yours. It helps you get to know the candidates of the elections better and assists you in choosing the right ones.

Yle vaalikone is easy to navigate. There's a questionnaire with a total of 23 questions that the politicians have answered themselves and right below that is a similar questionnaire for you to answer.

Nuorten vaalikone, or the youth election compass, is translated in Finnish, English, Saami, and Swedish. It also has 23 questions and is targeted to help young people to vote although anyone can also use the compass. Questions range from environmental politics to foreign policies and each comes with an explanation for easier and better understanding.

Now that you know who to vote, find out how you can vote.

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