How to vote

Advanced voting

Advance voting period started yesterday 3rd of April. If you vote in Finland, you will be able to vote until the 9th of April. If you vote abroad, then you will be able to vote until the 6th of April.

Polling stations

Domestic polling stations are posted by municipality with opening hours and contact information. The post offices are usually one of the places to do the advance voting.  The polling stations abroad are listed by country with opening hours and contact information. The Finnish foreign offices are usually held as the voting premises abroad.

General elections

The general elections will be held on Sunday, 14th of April. The voting only happens on the registered polling station registered on the voting rights notification. The polling stations are open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

How to vote

You have to take your identification card which is granted by the police. You can identify by showing your passport, drivers license or a personal identification card.

So, who to vote?


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