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How to make easy siskonmakkarakeitto

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

This humorous soup translates to siskon-sister´s, makkara-sausage, and keitto-soup. Still, the word comes from the Swedish word siskonkorv and the old german word called sausischen, which in courtesy, comes from the French expression saucisse.

You can make this soup from scratch, but a mom with kids. It´s much easier to make it with these three ingredients. The soup is a typical Finnish dish and brings many emotions because it is either loved or hated and brings childhood memories to many. My family loves this soup, and it´s pretty easy to make.


1 package of frozen potato and vegetables

1 package Siskonmakkara



1 Vegetable broth



  1. Bring the water to a boil and add the frozen potato and veggie package.

  2. Add the veggie broth

  3. Let it simmer for 10 minutes

  4. Press the sausages from their intestine into small balls in the soup.

  5. Add pepper and salt

  6. Let the soup boil for 5 minutes more.

  7. The sausages will bulge and rise to the top.

  8. Decorate the soup with chopped parsley.

Vegan version:

You can always change the recipe to a vegan version by adding a vegan sausage that you can find in different grocery stores in Finland.


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