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Grilling and socializing at a Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ by Foreigners in Finland
Photo by Hanh Nguyen

The restaurant, Shabu, a Korean BBQ, had a lively and entertaining atmosphere, bustling with customers on a friday night. The restaurant is situated in Kallio, a metro ride away from Rautatientori to Sörnäinen. It's advisable to make a reservation due to the high demand of these types of trendy restaurants especially if you are visiting with a larger group of more than 4 people. The restaurant is decorated with wooden wall panels, metallic tubelike cooking hoods, and dark marmor tables featuring round-shaped metallic grills.

As we entered, a friendly Asian waiter welcomed us with a smile, escorted us to our table, and indicated where we could hang our jackets.

The price list varies from 25€ to 79€ per person for a food package set. While it may not be inexpensive, we are celebrating a birthday. Each 79€ package set can accommodate one person and be shared among the group. For our group of six, we opted for three sets of the 79€ package.

The waiter presented us with sets that featured kimchi, various sauces, beef cuts like sirloin and marble, entrecote, duck, king prawns, scallops, and squids. Additionally, the set offers a variety of unique mushrooms and vegetables such as aubergine, sweet potatoes, zucchini, mixed salads, and rice.

The abundance of food was overwhelming, with the table offering a variety of choices. The waiter elaborated on how the dishes should be cooked.

Unfortunately, the offered meat was frozen, causing a slight delay in cooking. Nonetheless, there was an abundance of vegetables and seafood to begin with. The unique experience of wrapping a green salad like a tortilla, filled with spicy and distinctive flavors, is an experience. Even though the food was unprepared and uncooked, grilling and adding the sauces made the food experience worthwhile.

The overall experience of dining out in a Korean Barbeque is entertaining, especially if you have friends who love to cook and mingle. This is a great way to extend the barbeque season in Finland.



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