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The best pho soup restaurants in Finland

Pho soup is a popular Vietnamese dish that consists of broth, rice noodles, and meat. The broth is made from beef bones that have been boiled for hours until they release their flavor into the liquid base of the dish. Pho can be made with beef or chicken and is often served with bean sprouts, basil leaves, lime wedges, and chili peppers on the side. It's traditionally served with sriracha sauce for extra spice--which can be added if you want more kick!

Overall, Vietnamese cuisine has just started gaining momentum, and Pho soup is more prevalent in Finland have been gaining popularity in Finland. If you're looking for an authentic taste of Vietnam, this guide will help you find some of the best pho soup and Vietnamese cuisine in the Helsinki Metropolitan area.

EMMOI Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

Piispansilta 10, 2230 Espoo

EMMOI is situated opposite Omena Shopping Center. It is cozy with a dark wood interior and an excellent place for a more romantic treat of the beloved pho soup and other authentic Vietnamese meals.

Photo by Hanh Nguyen

Onam Vietnamese Cuisine

Mannerheimintie 20, 00100 Helsinki

Onam opened its doors as one of the first Vietnamese restaurants in Finland specializing in Pho soup. It is situated in the Forum shopping center and is usually packed during lunch. However, you can also enjoy Onam´s pho soup at Tripla shopping mall.

Photo by Mae Lehto

Pho Viet

Eerikinkatu 1, 00100 Helsinki

Pho Viet Restaurant is behind the Forum shopping center, a great place with huge windows to meet a friend for a warm pho soup and chitchat. They also serve other Vietnamese dishes.

Photo by Hanh Nguyen

Lie Mi

Urhokekkosenkatu 1, Helsinki

Lie Mi is situated on the 5th floor, the restaurant floor with lots of interesting Asian-themed restaurants. It has a stylish street-style decor with plastic cups, utensils, and colorful tin-like chairs. Great for a quick lunch break. Lie Mi offered a salad buffet together with pho soup. You can order other Vietnamese food from their menu, which is fantastic.

Foreigners in Finland
Photo by Mae Lehto



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