Get your feet warm with these traditional woolen socks

Updated: Oct 6

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Photo by Mae Lehto / Foreigners in Finland

Villasukka is the Finnish word for a woolen sock. Aside from being traditional Christmas presents in Finland, these handmade socks are also very popular among people of every age for all-year-round use. People commonly use them on cold winter days to keep their feet and toes warm. They are usually used at home or for any outdoor activity such as winter sports, etc. 

Long tradition

According to ethnologist Anna Rauhala from the University of Helsinki, knitting is an integral part of Finnish culture. Historically, women used to do the task of knitting for the family. Knitting techniques were also taught at schools as an essential skill because the warm socks and mittens are necessary and vital in Finnish weather.

Woolen socks are not only for personal and family use, or as Christmas presents to relatives and friends. Women in the past joined together in sewing and knitting groups and made hand made products to donate to charities and sold for a donation. People had to knit warm socks, hats, gloves, or mittens for the necessity and need. Although the times have changed, knitting is still popular today and is considered as joyful leisure while being fashionable and trendy at the same time.

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