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Dress for success

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In Finland, the weather and season define what is suitable to wear. The choice of clothing is influenced by the movement, the image you'd like to portray, and the kind of message you'd like to convey. The human body temperature is about 37 C deg and it's essential to wear the proper clothing that will help maintain the right temperature. You should not feel hot nor cold but neutral.

People in Finland do not only need different kinds of clothes but also in different layers because of the four seasons. In the fall, it's vital to have a raincoat or an umbrella and shoes that will keep your feet dry and warm. The temperature in the fall can vary, it might change radically from +10 C deg to -10 C deg.

According to, proper workwear creates a connection with colleagues and dressing up appropriately is part of the skill and professionalism. Work clothes should be clean, neat, and discreet. Sometimes, workwear is an essential part of the corporate image and different professions have their own requirements for suitable workwear.

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Dress for success

The first impression is significant. People communicate with their attire unconsciously. You usually reveal a lot about yourself with the way you dress up; it could be the kind of work you have, your ambitions, emotions, and often, your spending habits. It's easy to notice that media and entertainment people dress up in colorful clothing than people who are in typical business operations, which are usually more classic and have more neutral colors. A blazer, a black attire, or an outfit will go a long way, and it can be used on many occasions.

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Choosing classical and practical clothing that can be combined easily together will save your budget and declutter your closet. Selecting a couple of color palettes will help ease the stress in looking for the right clothing and it will save tons in shopping and dressing time. A little bit of color is sometimes needed to brighten up your day especially during the fall when it's dark and gloomy.

It's easy to find suitable clothing but as we all know, European sizes are usually bigger. But note that there are different stores that offer smaller sizes such as Mango, Villa, and Zara. You can try them in the stores to ensure you got the right size, or you can also shop online.



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