Mushroom-picking in the Finnish forests

Forests are considered a treasure in Finland. As an integrated part of Finnish life, forests offer people a lot to enjoy and utilize for free. From berries and mushrooms that you can easily pick to taking a walk or staying in forests.

Mushroom-picking is one example of a joyful and useful hobby among many other advantages of spending time in natural green areas. In Finland, there is the general public’s right which gives everybody the freedom to have access to forests. This is called The Everyman’s Rights”, or Jokamiehen oikeudet. Use this excellent opportunity to spend time in forests, which is also beneficial for our health and well-being.

Different types of Finnish mushrooms

The time for collecting mushrooms is approximately between August and November. Although this is a popular fun activity among most Finns, many struggle with recognizing the edible types of mushrooms. And because there are deadly or poisonous ones, people often pick only a few well-known ones such as suppilovahvero and kantarelli (chanterelles in English).

Be extra careful and mindful of the toxic harmful mushrooms, especially if you're not accompanied by an expert who is able to identify the mushroom species well. If you're not absolutely sure whether the mushroom you see is safe to eat or not, better not pick it. This is especially important for foreigners because they may be used to different types of their home country mushrooms which might look similar to the Finnish ones, but still not safe to eat. One example is the white champignons which most people know as edible, but the Finnish white ones have some edible and some very poisonous. Read more detailed information on