Foreign nurses talk about work during the outbreak

For the past years, Finland has been recruiting international nurses due to the worsening labor shortage in the healthcare sector. According to the latest THL survey, 18000 foreign employees worked in the Social and Healthcare sector, most of them are working in the ward, care unit, and service houses. 

However, foreign nurses in Finland face challenges due to the Finnish language, non-existent qualification training, registration to become a qualified nurse, and the difficulty in entering the job market. In contrast, foreign nurses value that Finland is a safe country to live.

The Coronavirus might have opened opportunities to the international nurses in Finland because the Government has decided earlier In March, that healthcare professionals are Obligated to Work Under the Emergency Act. However, the obligation expired on May 13, 2020, because Finland has successfully minimized the threat of the current outbreak. Nonetheless, the global pandemic did not end, and everyone is expecting a second wave to land in the fall but hoping that it will fade during the summer. Still, in normal circumstances, we will need more foreign nurses. Let's hear what they have to say.

1. Are you working at the moment as a nurse, studying as a nurse retired nurse?

Tess: I am working as a registered nurse. I work in the Geriatric ward. It's for patients over 50 years old.

Luna: I've done all my studies of the degree. Now I am writing my thesis and will graduate this May if it is not postponed due to Coronavirus. 

Nicholas: I work as with Helsinki Kaupunki Kotihoito.

2. Have you heard about the työvelvoite ( work obligation)