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Easy access to recruitment opportunities

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

We always hear a tragic story when someone sends 100 CVs to a recruiter, but they do not get a reply. How effective is it?

Sending a 100 CV might make you busier in your desperate moments, but if you are desperate to get a job. You dial 911, in recruitment terms, the person in charge of getting you the job. In Finland, it's mostly the CEO or the hiring manager.

You send 100 general applications to potential employers. Then one of their recruiters contacts you, and you need to remember the company to whom you applied. Your first answer is: "I am sorry, but I have sent 100 applications. Who were you again?"

Recruiters avoid generic applications unless they have a specific skill and experience they are trying to match.

Recruiters contact people whose specific details are easy to access. as an international Talent, You might wonder why no one is contacting you. Here are simple steps to get easily reached by recruiters: headhunters, hiring managers, and researchers.

Visible Contact details

Recruiters prefer to contact you via phone. Yes. This is quite old school, but it works. Why! It is essential to know who they are interested in hiring. To hear the voice behind social media and to understand that the person is a real human being. If you are an international talent. Get a Finnish phone number and put it in LinkedIn for easy access.


Put your location in Finland if you are applying to Finland. Most recruiters might think that you do not live here and that they have to do all the Finnish bureaucracy for you to come here. If you can be relocated, list that information.

If you do not live here and are interested in being located here. Apply to the most prominent international firms in Finland.

Long names

Finns like easy-to-remember names. In Finland, We want short phrases that are easy to pronounce. You do not need to put your passport name or your second name, or your mother's last name. You can set the word on how you would like your co-workers to call you. Even Finns make their name shorter or less formal. Yes. They also have second names, but you hardly see them in their CVs.


You should include the title, month, and year and explain your tasks and how they helped the team or company in two to three paragraphs. It also helps to know how many people are in your team or company. If you have work that shows a short period, like 3-6 months. Leave them out significantly if it does not contribute to the task you are applying for.

Digital knowledge

Finland is a Digital landscape. There are very few things you can do without cloud and online applications. The most common office apps are Google Workspace and Microsoft Office.

The Basic apps to know are Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook. It will help if you put these apps in your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Also, everyone is communicating remotely. Facebook messenger or WhatsApp are not used in business environments but in Google meet and MS teams. Zoom is pretty handy too. If you are in IT or other nerdy but trendy sectors. You should also know how to use Slack and Discord as communication tools.

Due diligence

Usually, this is used to screen a company to identify risks, liabilities, and business problems before finalizing a decision. This is also important when considering your options as a future employee. Check the company's website, contact details, and social media accounts when a recruiter calls you. You can always ask them what company they represent, their website, etc. You can screen the company and ask your community how reliable the company is.



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