Recruitment programs for employment

Getting a job is not as straightforward as it used to be. Some companies will only hire you if you fit one of their recruitment programs. In Finland, there are many types of these programs and different ways to get recruited.

Intern programmes

The employment office and schools offer internship programs. Most of the people living in Finland have gone to one or more internship programs organized by school or the TE-office. It usually takes 2-6 months. The importance of these programmes is to learn practical skills and develop them further. It's also a great opportunity to land a job in the same company. If the internship program is organized in school, then the company might pay a small salary.

TE-office will give an allowance to the trainee once accepted in the program. It’s about the same amount as the unemployment benefit. Sometimes it can be more, but it depends on your previous work status.

If you consider internship program as a trial period of showing your skill set and workmanship, then you might get hired within the company. This period also gives you more time to look for another job that suits you better, because you are more attractive to other companies when you are actually working. You can also ask your current intern employer to help you land a job by recommendation.

Pay subsidy - palkkatuki

If you had not landed a job for a long time or you've got problems with health issues, you might work for a company in a salary benefit status called palkkatuki. This helps the company provide work to the employees and helps them to stay at work. The company will pay the employee a normal salary while the TE-office pays the company a subsidy for the employee.

Apprenticeship training- oppisopimus

People usually take this when they're over the age of 15 years old and they need to finish a vocational degree or want to obtain extra competence. You can earn it by learning in a work environment. The company, together with an educational institute, will help you get a vocational degree.

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