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Recruitment opportunities for experienced workers

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

There are multiple ways to be recruited, especially if you've already gained experience in the job market. You might not like your current job or may be interested in trying a different career path, or perhaps you are interested in exploring other company cultures.

Rental work - Vuokratyö

There are firms that 'rent an employee' or allow people to work temporarily. These companies hire people for temporary and emergency positions in cases of sick employees or a sudden change in the clients' companies. You might know about the work available on relatively short notice, i.e., and you need to start already that day you found out about it. Construction, hospitality, retail, and other service industries usually hire acute labor demands. Cooks, servers, cleaners, supermarket salespersons, warehouse employees, and receptionists are generally the jobs needed for these companies.

Schools, kindergartens, and health and social industries are looking for professional people from rental companies that can help them fill the temporary workforce. There are also rental firms that will hire you for project base work or as a substitute for people on different work leave, such as parental and maternity leaves. These types of work can last for a week, a couple of months, or even a couple of years.

The rental firms will hire you as their employees, and whenever their clients need a worker, they will contact you to work on their client's premises. As a rent employee, you will get your salary weekly or monthly.

Being an employee for rent is a great way to learn about companies and industries. It will develop your skills and build tolerance in working in various environments and work cultures.

You can also be employed in these multiple rental firms to choose the work you want and the time that fits your schedule.

Interim Management - Vuokrajohtaja

Interim Management firms are project-based recruitments that are also temporary, but they can last from one week to a couple of years. These high-management career opportunities will hire you through a separate compensation agreement. Companies hire interim managers to develop, rebuild, and transform their business models to ensure growth, accumulate resources, and for a generation change. Interim Managers are practical consultants within the company. Hiring an interim manager is more affordable and less risky for the hiring company.

Headhunter firms - Suorahaku

You are an expert or a professional already at a management level in a specific industry, but you're not getting any contacts from companies that hire people like you. The more niche your industry is, the better it is for you to know how headhunters work.

Headhunters find talented candidates directly for their client companies, which is why they can be agile and courteous. Their job is to look for active and passive applicants. Passive applicants are the ones who are already working for a current company but are looking for new opportunities, and enthusiastic applicants are the people who are looking and applying for work. To get picked by a headhunter, you have to fix your LinkedIn profile or let them know you are available by sending your CV.


As a newcomer in Finland, you can open a business, but if you don't have an established network, it's easier to join a startup group. Startups are a great way to learn about the working environment in Finland, and there are different networking events and incubator programs organized for tech startups.

If you've already established a network by working in Finland for a couple of years and you know that you can offer a service that clients want, there are associations and government enterprises that provide education and consultant services that can help you open your business.



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