Recruitment opportunities for experienced workers

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There are multiple ways to get recruited especially if you've already gained experience in the job market. You might not like your current job or may be interested to try a different career path or perhaps explore other company cultures.

Rental work - Vuokratyö

There are firms that 'rent an employee' or allow people to work temporarily. These companies hire people for quick and emergency positions in cases of sick employees or a sudden change in the clients' companies. You might know about the work availability in a quite short notice, ie you need to start already that same day you found out about it. Acute labor demands are usually hired by construction, hospitality, retail, and other service industries. Cooks, waiters, cleaners, supermarket salespersons, warehouse employees, and receptionists are usually the type of jobs that are needed for these companies.

There are also rental firms that will hire you for project base work or as a substitute for people in different kinds of work leave such as parental and maternity leaves. These types of work can last for a week, a couple of months or even a couple of years. Schools, kindergartens, health and social industries are looking for professional people from rent companies that can help them fill temporary workforce.

The rental firms will hire you as their employees and whenever their clients need a worker, they will contact you to work in their client´s premises. As an rent employee, you will get your salary in a weekly or monthly basis.