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5 things to buy for the outdoorsy Father

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Photo by Harri Tarvainen / Visit Finland

We are celebrating father´s day on the second Sunday of November. While in our previous article, we have enjoyed homemade presents for fathers. This year, we will give you a hint about typical and practical gifts for fathers to enjoy.

In these times of corona, indoor physical activities and social gatherings must be avoided. This is the time to get moving and access nature once again.

Reading a book is very popular in Finland. Fathers usually love to read books from known writers like Remes, Tervo, and Nesbo. However, for fathers with adventurous and outdoorsy tastes, this is an excellent opportunity to discover Finland and its beautiful nature.

Warm accessories to deal with the cold

Winter is coming, and autumn is already here, which makes warm accessories an efficient present for any father living in Finland. Beanies, winter boots, scarves, and gloves are perfect gifts for fathers day.

A unique coffee mug for the particular person

Everyone knows about the famous MUUMI mugs in every finished household, but have you heard about kuksa? It is a wooden mug great for outdoor and camping use.

Sometimes, just chilling with family is the best father´s day present ever. Order food and relax and enjoy your family moment together.



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