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Make Daddy a homemade present

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Choosing the right present isn't always easy, especially when the present should express our appreciation, or show affection or gratitude to someone special or a loved one. But as much as we would like to show the person how much we care, there are also various factors that come into play when giving presents, such as cost, usefulness, enjoyable, time, and environmental impact. Here are some gift ideas for Father’s Day, celebrated every second Sunday of November in Finland. This year, it falls on the 10th.

Make a DIY-gift

Often, people appreciate the presents that are unique and personal, those gifts that are not necessarily expensive. Perhaps something handmade, rather than bought from shops would be more meaningful. Mothers and kids together can make their own Father’s Day present at home.

Picture frame

A picture frame is easy to do from materials like thick paper. Attach some colorful stones collected from the forest, or unusual buttons, etc. on the frame. You could choose his photo or a picture of the whole family together.

Key chain

You can make a key chain in many ways from different materials you can easily found at home, or a small patchwork made by kids, or with a memorable picture in it. You need to have a little chain and ring for attaching the craft to it, which you can buy or use an old key chain that is no longer in use. If using a picture, choose it and get it printed to a suitable size. 


A teacup, kids can make a drawing on a plain cup using a suitable paint that stays on the cup (bought from craft or patchwork shops). Daddy can use it in the workplace or at home.

Pencil container

A container like a pencil case can be made from metal-can and can be used for organizing different objects on dad’s desk. Get a clean can and let the kids paint and decorate it.

Woodwork Decor

Sometimes, young kids are already creative artists and talented in handicrafts. These become memorable Father´s day gifts such as carved owl decor, a mug, a trivet or many other useful home and kitchen accessories.

By personalizing the crafts according to daddy’s interests, personality, taste, hobbies, sports, etc., and using imagination, you can create a unique handmade present for Father’s Day.



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