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5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas that Keep on living

"We are born of love; Love is our mother." -Rumi.

Indoor garden

Growing herbs indoors is an excellent gift for mothers who enjoy healthy cooking for their families without harmful chemicals or pesticides. Buying seeds or plants for growing outdoors is a lovely idea if one has a garden. However, people frequently require more space to cultivate outdoors, and growing outside in Finnish weather during the winter is also impossible. As a result, an indoor herb garden provides a sustainable and healthy cultivation method. Simultaneously, it can be entertaining and promote a healthy routine enjoyment by using them in healthy family meals.

Reusable items

To reduce waste and save money, one can buy many useful reusable objects such as water-bottle, coffee cups, cleaning cloth for the kitchen, gym tools, etc. All come in an extensive range of sizes, designs, styles, shapes, materials, etc., to choose from the shops or online and can be reused for a longer time. It would be good to search first and ask the mother what she needs so that the purchased item will be fully and happily used.

Patchwork from recycled materials

Creating a craft at home with kids from recycled materials, such as bookmarks, posters, and jewelry, is an excellent idea. Kids have fun creating a gift for their mother and can learn more about sustainability.


Kids love making cards for Mother's Day and writing poems or songs on them. This way, one can make a gift beyond materials and show gratitude, compassion, love, and affection to the beloved mother, which she finds a valuable contribution long after it has been offered.

A gift from a Finnish forest

Finland is a beautiful land of forests and lakes, so giving the mother a gift related to the woods and nature is fantastic. Searching for contributions from forest materials or related to Finnish nature is a great idea. One can buy herbal teas made of Finnish berry leaves or other edible foods, photo frames or jewelry made of wood or forest material, or borrow a book from the library that explains how to be creative and produce a unique, beautiful piece of artwork from the forest.

Here you can also read inspiring and beautiful stories of foreign mothers and 5 Famous International Women in Finland and plan a nice walk in the forest with the family and kids after reading about the many benefits of walking in the woods.

Have a lovely celebration of Mother's Day.


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