Take a walk in the forests with your kids

''The same vital force that is present in animals and plants operates and acts in us, and we are part of the web of life'' - Edward O. Wilson.

As we are a part of nature, needless to say, it's beneficial for us to be in nature. Even if some people live in cities surrounded by buildings and structures, the regular contact with nature and in particular, with the greens of the forest is definitely healthy for our bodies and minds. Finland is the amazing land of lakes and forests, therefore it's wise to take advantage of what forests can generously offer us. There are also lots of scientific studies showing that the potential and the power of walking or exercising constantly and moderately in fresh air has a great advantage on health. Some studies even go deeper and show the power of not only fresh air, but also green trees and plants in making our immune system stronger. It helps in providing an overall calming effect and in improving the mood, reducing the stress, improving the concentration abilities, increasing positive energy, or having the healing and therapeutic effect. Spending time in the forest is especially important for children, beneficial for their health and for their development. These are some of the remarkable advantages of 'living' and 'experiencing' the forest for kids:

Learning and discovering

Forest is full of interesting and fascinating plants and trees, insects and bugs, animals and creatures of all kinds and sizes. And well, kids love adventures, exploring and studying those creatures: some hidden from eyes and hard to reach, some visible, some easy to notice, some need more investigation, some need staring closely at the skin of the trees or at the soil, some need to be followed by the footprints, feathers, hairs, their waste, food they have eaten, holes they have created, activities they have done. To fully comprehend and appreciate the secrets of the forests, it's important to understand the many living creat