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Tikkurila: The City-Country Combo That Keeps On Growing

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Vantaa is located in the Southern part of Finland. The city is the home of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, just 25 km from Helsinki. Therefore, if you are planning a seminar or a big conference, Vantaa is an excellent place for holding it due to its central location.

Although the city is young, the history of Vantaa has already been there for centuries, offering many events and festivals every year. There are also several exciting places to explore in Vantaa, such as nature, shopping malls, theatres, museums, sightseeing points, lakes, street art, and architecture.

Read about the Finnish Science Centre Heureka and Vantaa City Museum in Visiting Vantaa: what to do and what to see

Tikkurila (in the Finnish language and Swedish, known as Dickursby) is a significant region of the municipality of Vantaa, and it is Vantaa's administrative and commercial hub. The tourist information offers maps and brochures and is available at Vantaa information centers in Tikkurila.

Tikkurila is one of Vantaa's top and fast-growing centers, constantly developing at various levels. However, Tikkurila has much more to offer during the year since Tikkurila is one center of Vantaa (Myyrmäki is a rival commercial hub within the municipality). Here is a list of some of the attractions in Tikkurila and things to do/visit.

Dixi Shopping/Travel Center and Tikkurila Railway Station

Dixi is located at the Tikkurila railway station, making it a convenient shopping place because it is one of the main stations with excellent connections. Long-distance trains also stop here so travelers and locals can easily use different services such as tourist information, supermarkets, toilets, restaurants, cafes, and other shops. It's also easy to reach the station by bus, car, bike, and even on foot. The center is attached to the railway station, which makes it an ideal spot for a quick visit from the airport. The travel time from the airport to Tikkurila is less than 30 minutes.

Laurea University of Applied Science

Laurea University is a minute's walking distance from the train station. The Laurea campus in Tikkurila concentrates on teaching health and social studies as well as business studies. Laurea is one of the three major Universities of Applied Sciences, together with Haaga- Helia and Metropolia, the largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland. These three universities have multiple degrees in English, from Bachelors's to Masters Degrees. They also offer open university courses.

Tikkurila High School

Tikkurila lukio (high school) is situated in Jokiniemi, a 13-minute walking distance from the Railway Station. It is one of the largest high schools in the Nordics, accommodating about 1250 students, and was founded in 2001. It is a Finnish language school and has an English IB program.

Tikkurila Library

Libraries have always played a vital cultural role in Finnish society. These places provide information, knowledge, and various services to support citizens. In an era of the internet and advanced technologies where information is easily accessible through small gadgets, the good old libraries remain close to the hearts of people in Finland. Aside from loads of books, magazines, music, movies, computers, and other materials, one can borrow to take home. Many activities, exhibitions, digital support, and events are organized in the Tikkurila library.

Trio - Tikkurila Sports Park

The Trio Sports Park in Tikkurila is very popular and an excellent place suitable for ice hockey, various ice sports, swimming, and different water sports, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, floorball, bowling, shooting, wrestling, billiards, and various combat events. People can also enjoy a cafe, and accommodation is also available.

Tikkurila swimming pool

Apart from swimming, the swimming pools have many services for different water sports and various activities, including water running, swimming lessons, aerobic water classes, and recreational and competitive water sports activities organized by swimming clubs.

The Tikkurila swimming pool has a gym that offers guided senior classes and equipment advice services. Tikkurila swimming pool is opposite Trio Sports Park.

Tikkurila church with new design

The new Tikkurila Church was inaugurated in January 2021, and it is situated in the center of Tikkurila, very close to the central railway station and the Tikkurila library. The architectural studio OOPEAA (Office for Peripheral Architecture), founded by Anssi Lassila, has designed the church to create a place for everybody to visit and relax in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Indeed, it is worth visiting the renewed church with its beautiful modern furniture and enjoying a warm cup of tea/coffee with bread or pastries in the cafe'.

There is also the possibility of having private meetings In the three-floor building where the church is situated as well as other modern facilities for parish staff.

Tikkurila orthodox church

Known also as Christ's Ascension Church (Kristuksen taivaaseenastumisen kirkko)

The Orthodox Church of Tikkurila was built in 1996-1997, and Arvo Sorsa designed it. The church has a capacity of 100-200 people, and it is small but very charming and worth visiting and enjoying some peaceful moments there.

Living in Tikkurila

Tikkurila is a mixture of city and country living. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Finland. The center of Tikkurila offers mostly apartment building accommodations, which is excellent for people who do not mind the noise of restaurants and other services. However, there is also a more tranquil neighborhood called Viertola, with wooden row houses and detached houses surrounded by parks and nature trails. This part is great for families with small children or people who love living near a city but desire a country-like environment.

Several places in Vantaa support the idea of a balance between nature and culture. These neighborhoods also contain easy access to transportation hubs and plenty of opportunities for both work and play.


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