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Think you're too old to study? Think again

Here in Finland, one can never be too old to learn. With the right attitude, the desire to acquire knowledge, and enthusiasm to learn, it's always possible to study for a new profession or take language courses, even in retirement.

You can take adult evening courses or summer courses arranged by the University of Helsinki every year or choose a full-time study in Haaga-Helia, Metropolia and other universities organized in the big cities across Finland.

If you choose a full-time study, you will get all the student benefits like student lunches at school cafeterias for about 2€. The buffet lunch consists of a salad bar, two warm meal options, and beverages. You get a student price for a travel card which is about half cheaper than the regular one. You will also get student discounts from different companies such as electricity, insurances, laptop accessories, and software. Student discounts can also be applied in leisure activities such as gym, bowling, haircuts, and even in restaurants and bars.

For students with Finnish citizenship, you will get a study grant around 300€ a month. You can obtain a student loan which is about 650€ per month with a low interest rate and a repayment period of 30 years. If you graduate in time, you will get a loan compensation from KELA, which means that KELA pays part of your study loan.

So it is easy to study and it is, and will never be too late to learn new things. No financial issues and not only that, you will also meet new people, find interesting friends, and learn and acquire new skills. With the knowledge and the experience that you have, you'll always be competitive in this ever evolving world and landing your dream job will be easily within your grasp.

Elena Popova


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