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How To Enjoy The Nightlife in Helsinki

Winter with its short days represents a not irrelevant challenge for those who are not used to this environment (even for those who actually are), continuing to be functional and productive becomes a feat when at 4 in the afternoon the street lamps turn on and the day seems over. One of the simplest and most immediate methods to not give in to the whirlwind of our heads is certainly to spend quality time with the people we love or why not meet new ones, so here are some ways to consolidate the knowledge already acquired or build it up from scratch, once the sun has already gone down.

The pub: certainly an immediate but potentially very effective solution, helsinki is full of good places that not only offer a counter where you can drink a beer but also a karaoke area very often, given the popularity of this activity in Finland, and in some cases even a track to dance out to a DJ.

  • This is for example the case of the Old Irish Pub, a stone's throw from the central station. A place that seems extremely small downstairs but as you go up the stairs it almost transforms, super recommended especially during the weekend but in general it is also an excellent place where you can simply have a chat.

  • Henry's Pub is another excellent alternative right in front of the station, it is a much more "canonical" pub but also offers a pool table which is an excellent solution for those who do not like to dance, the same goes for Bar 52 in Lauttasaari, a little further away but in a very nice residential area, the prices are lower than the city standards and it is therefore a very good place to go with friends.

  • Another interesting solution in the center is the Bruuveri bar, in the Kamppi shopping center. Spacious, welcoming and with a large selection of beers and ciders to satisfy even the most refined palates.

But in the end, if you wander around the center of Helsinki, especially in the Kamppi area, you will find good pubs as far as the eye can see, just choose the one that inspires you the most.

If, on the other hand, you want to dance or otherwise enjoy live music, the city is ready to satisfy all tastes, this type of venue is very popular and makes all the varied inhabitants happy.

  • Let's start with the discos: the Kaarle XII is my absolute favorite because it's big, the interiors are really beautiful, the music ranges a lot and being large, it must be late at night before it's impracticable to move on the track, the entrance is free, the wardrobe optional but it costs under 5 Euros.

  • If you prefer slightly more "chic" clubs, you have to try Teatteri, it's - from what I've heard - the trendiest club in Helsinki, admission costs 10 Euros and the cloakroom is not included, the track isn't too big but it is an excellent location if you have money to spend because it offers all the services and comforts of a high-level private venue.

  • For lovers of rock, punk, metal and sub-genres I highly recommend the Bar Loose, specifically aimed at this niche of people with its very "amateur" live space, reminiscent of those garage concerts made with little money, an excellent way to discover emerging bands, moreover the schedule of the next musicians can be found on their website, if you are not interested in the live you can stay upstairs for a beer. Admission costs between €3.50 and €7, depending on the time and day you go, but the cloakroom is included.

  • Another great options for rock lovers and in general live music lovers is the Apollo, one of the most popular clubs in the city - on Saturday the line outside goes around the corner just to say -. There are many options inside such as the Karaoke bar, the Live club as i said and the canonical pub. The entrsnce fee is free for most of the week but at some times during the weekend, you should check out their websites for more specific informations.

  • Last but not least that I highly recommend is Hercules, a notoriously LGBTQI+ friendly club where even if you are not part of the community you have a lot of fun because the music is excellent, the room is large and the people are extremely friendly, the entrance costs 9€ and also in this case the cloakroom is excluded.

And if you don't have the energy to go out, or the money, you can always invite your friends to your home and cook something together to enjoy a quiet and intimate evening, who knows that your energy won't come back and you decide to go together to one of these places?


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