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Spinning Records and Recipes Maryjean's Path as a Radio DJ and Chef

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Maryjean passion for radio has led her to become a DJ Operations Manager at VINE Radio 88.9 in Finland. Her appreciation for Finnish and international programs is evident, with NRJ FM and Wish 107.5 being her go-to choices. Maryjean is grateful for her experiences in Finland and enjoys immersing herself in the country's rich culture.

A chef to a Radio DJ

I've been working in Finland for almost 11 years, including a year at the airport SSP after working in various places. As for my thoughts and feelings about living here, I adore Finland and consider it my home. The country is known for its equality and safety, making it a great place to live. I enjoy spending time with my children and working as a cook at the airport, while radio work is a delightful hobby.

Although my profession is in cooking, I also enjoy running Vine Radio as a hobby. I began my journey in radio in 2020 when DJ Denz, my sister's childhood friend, needed a DJ as soon as possible. Since my sister did not have the necessary equipment, he convinced me to try it, and my sister would follow suit later. I fell in love with being a DJ and have enjoyed it since then. As for why I chose radio, it was not a deliberate decision but rather a result of DJ Denz's persuasion, as my career in cooking is not related to communications.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Being a DJ.

It's crucial to me to create a source of comfort for those struggling, especially during the pandemic. I aim to promote happiness and share my love of music, which has the power to serve as a universal therapy. When on the air, I present myself genuinely and play diverse music to entertain my listeners. I learn new things and enjoy my work by accepting song requests from my audience.

Being a radio host has allowed me to gain valuable experience and earn a living, but it comes with challenges. My positive attitude, motivation, and willingness to learn make me an excellent collaborator, but I struggle to balance work and family time. I overwork myself, which can sometimes hinder my productivity. However, I can continuously improve myself by focusing on personal growth, dedication to my goals, and discovering my purpose in life.

I've been working in radio here in Finland for a while now, and I've found success. But let me tell you; it was challenging. Persistence is key, especially for beginners. You must be willing to learn, grow, and keep your goals in mind to succeed in this industry.

The most rewarding part of being a DJ is my love for music. I get to discover new artists and songs all the time, and it's truly a joy. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows - the most challenging aspect is speaking live on air. I must be confident and correct any mistakes I make in real-time. It was tough at first, especially with my pronunciation and speaking skills, but I've improved a lot with practice. And I'm still learning every day! Foreigners in Finland

Vine Radio 88.9 spins records

The Vine is a meaningful symbol in my hometown, representing bounty and hard work. It is also considered sacred in the Christian religion and was revered as a symbol of life by ancient Sumerians.

Regarding my radio show, some Finnish locals and acquaintances are aware of it, and I promote it through various channels like Facebook, TikTok, and our website to reach a wider audience.

Our radio show is a non-profit station that is enjoyed by listeners worldwide. We cater to music lovers of all genres and feature different types of music depending on the day. We do our best to fulfill listener song requests and offer alternative suggestions if we cannot find the requested song.

I worked with the Finnish Philippine Association as an officer. They occasionally provided support, but my job kept me busy. The FPA promoted my radio show, and we discussed important information on Filipinos in Finland during our broadcasts. The Ambassador was pleased with my work and offered help.

We are one happy family on Vine Radio 88.9. We have guidelines and procedures for our work. We enjoy it and take breaks when we can. Communication and leadership are important. It's a hobby, but we give it our all. Our collaborators are from the Netherlands, Singapore, Philippines, Dubai, USA, and Finland.

Life lessons of life abroad

Working in Finland and on the radio has been a challenging experience for me. It's hard to know whether people will like or appreciate my performance. However, I strive to learn every day. In any situation, being true to yourself and remaining open to learning new things is essential. To achieve this, you need the willingness to learn, self-motivation, and a commitment to self-study without letting your ego get in the way. I'm only human and not perfect, but I'm willing to take risks. If I make a mistake, I try to make it right with good intentions.

Prioritizing mental and physical wellness is essential for a fulfilling life and career. We can control our actions and attitudes to overcome obstacles and achieve success. As we navigate a new environment, staying flexible and adaptable is key.


I want to thank the Foreigners Finland Online Magazine´s team for allowing me to inspire their audience. I also want to thank the people I owe for teaching me how to become a disc jockey, including Professor Dennis Balacanao, Doctor Edgar Allan Linsangan, and Moderator Sarah Jean Querela. Additionally, I would like to thank my kids, family, friends, and all the dedicated listeners of Vine Radio who have supported me since day one. To everyone who has supported me along my journey, cheers! This experience means a lot to me.



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