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Sorlampi nature trail

Summer has finally arrived. The best way to enjoy good sunny weather is to spend some relaxing and fun time in the forests with family, especially with children who always enjoy playing and running around in green areas exploring nature. The beautiful nature of Finland offers lots of green areas and forests which are also usually close to residential areas. The nature trails are excellent places to do various exercises and outdoor games with children so they can learn more about the forests, how to care for the environment. It's also fun to learn the names of various living creatures such as plants and bugs, study and understand their lifecycles and how these affect the forests. Take time to smell and appreciate the aromas and fragrance of the woodlands, and listen to the sounds of the forests. It's a wonderful place to get that refreshing feeling, for a healthier wellbeing.

The Sorlampi nature trail departs from the Nuuksio hut (Nuuksionmaja) car park in Brobacka in Espoo, where you can leave the car preferably. The Sorlampi nature trail passes through a variety of forest landscapes mainly in the nature reserve. The area is characterized by steep cliffs, valleys with small water streams between the cliffs, and in some places, a pristine wood forest, with a possibility to swim as well. Along the trail, you'll see formations from the last ice age, Hiidenpesä Cave, as well as other interesting geological sites.

The trail passes through the Lajalampi brook valley to Sorlampi, passing along the Sorlampi shore valley to the south and then turning back to the starting point. There are five signposts along the path. The length of the trail is about 5 km and it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to get around. There are rocks in places, roots of trees and boardwalks, so it's not easy to walk along the path. The Sorlampi cooktop can be used to cook picnic food. The trail is maintained by sports facilitators in Espoo (Espoon liikuntapalvelut).


Nuuksionkuja 1

02820 Espoo

Services: only a shelter to eat own picnic food

How to get there:

Sorlampi Nature Trail (by Bus 245, 245A, 245K, bus stop E6445 (please note the buses are subject to change, please check the updated transportation information via ‘reittiopas’. )

Siltaniitynlaita/Broängskanten, by car.



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