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Seasonal and Part-time Work in Finland

Finland, a country of breathtaking natural beauty and a vibrant culture, offers a unique adventure for those seeking seasonal work. It's an opportunity to experience Finland on a budget, earning good money while exploring all that this captivating country offers. In this article, we'll delve into the seasonal job market in Finland, unveiling the industries that are most likely to welcome foreign workers on this exciting journey. 

Restaurants and Festivals

Restaurants in Finland offer excellent opportunities for seasonal work. With the increase of tourists in the summer, many eateries require additional staff to handle the demand. If you have prior experience in hospitality, you may find work as a server, bartender, or kitchen staff. Ethnic restaurants might also hire you if you have language skills or proficiency in English but do not have a knowledge of the Finnish language. It is essential to obtain a hygiene or alcohol passport as a restaurant worker. 

Food Carrier Work

Food carrier work is another excellent option for seasonal work in Finland. As a food carrier, you'll deliver food to customers. This job is typically done on a bicycle, scooter, or other vehicle, so you must be comfortable riding in all weather conditions. 


Seasonal workers are often required in warehouses to assist with packing, sorting, and shipping. These positions usually demand physical fitness and the ability to perform similar tasks. If you're interested, you can find a company with a local warehouse in Finland by checking the labels in the supermarket where you shop. Visit their website, complete the application, or contact their HR department.


If you're good with kids, babysitting can be a transformative experience, allowing you to earn money while immersing yourself in the Finnish lifestyle. Many families in Finland are eager to hire English-speaking babysitters to help their children improve their language skills, offering a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and personal growth. You can find babysitting jobs in Facebook groups, a platform that fosters connections and enriches experiences. 

Assistant for older adults

Helping older adults is another fulfilling opportunity for individuals who like to assist others. As a senior companion, you will offer support and companionship to elderly individuals requiring help with their daily activities. This may involve assisting them with technology, running errands, and light household chores.

Casting as a Statist

If you're interested in the entertainment industry, casting as a statist can be a fun and rewarding option. Statists are extras in movies and TV shows, and many productions look for foreigners who can add diversity to the cast. To become cast as a statist, you must join a Facebook group looking for extras.

Picking Berries

Finally, picking berries is a popular option for seasonal work in Finland. During the summer, there is a high demand for people to pick berries for export. This job requires physical fitness and endurance, as you'll work long hours in the fields.

In conclusion, foreigners have many opportunities to find seasonal work in Finland. Whether you're looking for a job in the hospitality industry or want to work in a warehouse, there is something for everyone. Remember that seasonal work can be physically demanding and may require long hours. Still, it can also be a rewarding experience that allows you to explore all Finland offers. As for living conditions, [insert information about living conditions here].


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