Seaside Beaches in Helsinki

Summer is short in Finland, so when it's really warm and sunny, everyone needs to take advantage of the weather and head to the beaches. Most popular beaches are supervised by city authorities and the water is tested during the swimming seasons. The temperature of water can reach up to 20°C. It might be cold for some foreigners who are used to tropical beaches but for most people, it's refreshing.

We'll have separate posts for the seaside beaches of every city. Let's start from the capital city of Helsinki.

Hietaniemi beach / Hietaranta beach

Hietaniemi beach also known as “Hietsu” is a large sandy beach that's one of the most crowded and the most popular beaches in Helsinki especially amongst the young people. The waters are shallow and the beach is supervised and safe. People can watch the sunset, sunbathe, relax, swim, play some games of volleyball, and enjoy the cafes too.

Services: cabin (changing rooms), toilet, shower, basketball field, beach-volley ground, weight-lifting area, Café Bistro, lifeguard, nearby a miniature golf-course, and Taivallahti Tennis center

Address: Hiekkarannantie 11, Helsinki

Getting there: This beach is located in the district of Töölö, walking distance (about 30 minutes) or take a direct bus from the Rautatientori train station.

Munkkiniemen Uimaranta / Munkkiniemi Beach

This beach is particularly popular among families with children because of the shallow water. It's situated in the middle of Helsinki forest where one can do sports and various activities.

Services: cabin, toilet, sunbeds, shower, kiosk, children's playground, weight-lifting area, lifeguard

Address: Munkkiniemenranta 44,  00330 Helsinki

Getting there: The beach can be reached by bus, train, metro, tram.

Mustikkamaan Uimaranta / Mustikkamaa Beach

This another family-friendly beach near the Korkeasaari Zoo is supervised by the city of Helsinki. Mustikkamaa beach is popular not only for its wonderful facilities, but also known for its midsummer dances and summer theatre (Ylioppilasteatteri, Helsinki Student Theatre). There is also an old wooden architecture restaurant (dating from 1921) to enjoy.

Services: cabin, toilet, shower, weight-lifting area, kiosk, volleyball court, playground, restaurant, summer theater, jogging track, tennis courts, hiking trails, lifeguard

Address: Mustikkamaanpolku 2,  00570 Helsinki

Getting there: This beach is at South of Kulosaari, about 5 km from city centre. There is a bridge connecting this island to Kulosaari and leading to Korkeasaari and the Zoo. So one can use the public transport or drive by car. If using a private car, there is an available parking area over 200m from the beach.

Aurinkolahti (Aurinkolahden) Beach

This supervised beach is situated in the Aurinkolahti area next to Uutela (nature park) and is surrounded by a forest. It's an excellent place for the whole family, water is clean and clear, and one can also enjoy a walk in nature even in winter. If you're interested in a less crowded place compare to other beaches such as Hietaniemi beach, then this is a good choice.

Services: cabin, toilet, cafe, lifeguard, children playground, outdoor gym

Address: Urheilukalastajankuja 1, 00990 Helsinki

Getting there: You can ride the metro to Vuosaari, walk to the beach or take the water bus which is accessible from the citycenter during summer time. Most visitors prefer to use the water bus to also enjoy beautiful sceneries of the Helsinki archipelago.

Kivinokka Beach