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Recycle toys and unwanted items

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Foreigners in Finland
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Families with children know that it easy to get a house full of unwanted things such as children's toys that the children will overgrow for a couple of years. Getting rid of unwanted items can be overwhelming. We have gathered different options to get rid of them, recycle them, offer them to other families who could still use them.


There are Reuse or Recycle Centers, where one can donate many items for free, including children's toys. These centers sell a wide range of reusable household objects and furniture which have been given to them by the public, plus clothes and accessories. Look for these centers in the area where you live, as well as a nationwide online store. If you have huge items of furniture that are resellable, they will pick it up for free.


Buying and selling in Finland's Flea-Markets are common, and one can find many of them easily in most areas. The traditional flea-market rents a table for a day or two, starting from 15 euros. The famous and most known flea markets are Hietalahden kirpputori in Helsinki and Beweship in Vantaa. You have to book and sell secondhand items yourself.

A self-service flea market- Itsepalvelukirpputori

A self-service flea market is also a popular way to sell unwanted items. Usually, people rent a table/space for a week and leave their things to get them sold during that time. After a week, you can collect your money. You have to prepare beforehand by pricing the items before you can put them up for sale. The most known self-service flea market is Lanttila in Lahti. However, there are many small self-service flea markets in your local area.

Facebook Groups or is a platform that you can conveniently download on your mobile phone to sell unwanted things. You need to know basic Finnish or use google translate to understand how the system works.

Local Facebook groups are another option for selling house items, including toys, since most of the residential areas have their local group on Facebook.

Siivouspäivä or other flea market events

Sometimes people would put a table in their own garden/yard of the house to sell whatever they don't want any more from household items. You can try to sell the children's toys by cleaning them, packing them nicely in their package if you still have them (such as puzzles), and make them exposed well to attract the attention. One of the most known events to sell secondhand goods is siivouspäivä, and you can put up a table in a park and sell your unwanted belongings.

Sometimes there are festivals or events where it is possible to ask in advance for space or a table and to sell items. Usually, schools or day-care centers also organize similar events for selling. Sometimes people organize a party at home and invite friends and neighbors to have some fun time with kids, and also try to sell or exchange things.

You have to acknowledge that the items you sell or giveaway are in good condition. If it's dirty, broken, or needs fixing, you should mention it or throw it accordingly.

Mixed waste

If you don't find a way to give away the children's toys through recycling, giving away, or reselling. You can put them away in a "normal" mixed-waste (sekajäte in the Finnish language), which will be incinerated and consumed as energy. However, you need to separate any possible battery or hazardous material away from the toys before throwing them into the bin. For recycling of battery-powered devices and gadgets and electronic items, see Recycling Electronic Items. You might find useful also related articles Outdoor Recycle Points and Recycle and Waste Control.



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