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Recycling electronic items

Electric and electronic-powered devices can be easily recycled and put in the recycling bins for small electronic items as you shop for your groceries. The recycling points are usually situated inside larger grocery stores and shopping centers. These bins are called Kodin Pientekniikan Keräyspiste.

Batteries (paristot) It's convenient to first collect all the batteries at home and place them all together in a large jar. When the jar is full, you can bring these batteries, as well as other household and mobile phone batteries to the recycling containers. There are also other shops that have a separate box where you can recycle the batteries.

Lights and bulbs

Buying the same type of lightbulbs will help you recycle easier. You can put them in the container LED lamps, energy-saving lamps, and light sets. However, the sortti station is the right place to sort fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps. Note that these lamps should be sorted out and placed in the hazardous waste collection point because of the risk of breakage.

Small electrical equipments All electric or battery-powered devices and toys that can fit the bin can be recycled. Do not recycle the manuals and separate the batteries beforehand.

Household electronics: vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, toasters, electric toothbrushes, radios, televisions, digital cameras, speakers etc.

Digital and telecommunication devices: laptop, mouse, keyboards, calculators, phones, electric trains, race car tracks, video game consoles, etc.

Electric and electronic tools: drills, saws, electric lawn mowers, electronic blood pressure meters, thermometers, fire alarms, thermostats, etc.

These devices can also be recycled directly to the shops that sell electronics in exchange for a new product.

Larger devices and hazardous materials must be directed to the sortti facilities. Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, washing and drying machines, microwave ovens, electrical heaters can be directly transported mostly for free to the sortti facilities.

The rule of thumb is that objects that do not fit to the bins must be brought to the sortti station.



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