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Majestic Nuuksio and the Finnish Nature Center

In Finland, autumn is a beautiful time for excursions in nature. Not only due to its beautiful foliage but also because of the cozy weather that creates the perfect setting for mushroom picking and a nice picnic in nature.

Filled with green areas, forests, lakes, and majestic rocks, Nuuksio is definitely a perfect place to be, not only for nature lovers but also for those interested in science and biology. Its vast natural environment is home to various species and types of plants, insects, bugs, and other animals, which is good to explore and to learn a lot from.

Nuuksio is also a perfect destination for people seeking solitude, stress reduction, health, and overall well-being, or simply have fun with family and kids. (see Benefits of Forest ).

The birth of Nuuksio National Park

The name Nuuksio, created in the 1930s, comes from the Sámi language; njukca, which means swan. Nuuksio National Park has been studied and investigated by many researchers, in particular, archeologists. Stone-age artifacts found in Nuuksio demonstrate its history goes back to the end of the Ice Age.

The Nuuksio area is unique, and we can enjoy and learn a lot from its features: flora and fauna, lakes, ponds, and river streams, rocks and cliffs, meadows and valleys, uncommon species of plants, fungi, and animals (e.g. the flying squirrel), and all other living things in the old-growth forests. For more information on various features of Nuuksio and especially on the flying squirrel, see Natural Features of Nuuksio National Park.

Picture: Visit Finland

Haltia: The Finnish Nature Center

In the area of Nuuksio National Park, there is an interesting and captivating Finnish Nature Center called Haltia. The place is a modern and attractive exhibition collecting and focusing on the best of Finland’s natural jewels. The collections displayed motivate and encourage the visitors to investigate and enjoy the nature trails, lakes, forests, southern archipelago, and even Lapland’s forests.

Haltia’s building is magnificent, with its awesome mixture of design, wood, environmentally-friendly components, and the Kalevala (the Finnish national epic). Haltia serves as a venue for different purposes such as meetings and birthdays. It is popular among tourists, especially for families because of its kid-friendly facilities. Haltia’s services and facilities include a coffee shop, restaurant, lounge area, meeting room, nursery room, shop, and big parking space. For more information, visit Haltia.

Picture: Visit Finland

How to get to Haltia and Nuuksio

Nuuksio has a wonderful location close to the capital area of Helsinki. It's easy to reach so it gives people the opportunity to be in wild nature. There's a huge amount of visitors that explore and visit the National Park, but Nuuksio is very big and the activities are enough for everyone. There are many activities to enjoy in Nuuksio such as guided canoe, fat bike, hiking, sauna, various events, renting equipment, and even staying overnight. For more information, visit Nuuksio Activities.

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is about 30 km from the city center of Helsinki and 17 km from the center of Espoo. You can reach Haltia easily by public transport, bike, car, on foot, and by the hiking trails. For more information, visit How to Reach Haltia and Nuuksio.



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