Marinel, Lucia for Foreigners in Finland

Marinel from the Philippines is chosen for our first Lucia for Foreigners in Finland online magazine. The Lucia celebration is an important tradition in Finland. Lucia brings light and hope to families that are in need.

Foreigners in Finland Santa Lucia
Photo by Juha Roisko

Marinel is an 18 years old student. She studies in a vocational school as a cosmetologist. She was born in Finland to Filipino parents.

1.When did you participate in the Santa Lucia voting?

In 5th grade, the whole class was interested in becoming Lucia. We went to every classroom and gave cookies to our classmates. It was fun, lovely and the girls were beautiful.

2.What motivated you to participate in the Santa Lucia ceremony?

One does not have to be Finnish for participating in Santa Lucia voting. It was nice and beautiful. I had a lot of support from teachers and friends when I wanted to become Santa Lucia.