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Love your gut - keep yourself hydrated the proper way

Scientific studies show why drinking properly and hydrating correctly is an important factor in being healthy as it impacts our mood, body weight, skin, and digestion system. Hence liquid intake should be taken on a regular basis. There are studies on the benefits of water therapy and how it has cured some diseases.

Dehydration causes harmful changes in energy levels. It can cause fatigue, negative impact on memory, headaches, dry skin, and other symptoms that affect our body and mind.

It can also be dangerous for the elderly, children and pregnant women especially in the hot summer days.

Now that it's summertime, especially when at the beach, getting dehydrated and feeling exhausted is more common. Kids are usually more active, so make sure to pack lots of water and healthy drinks for the whole family to keep them well-hydrated. Since the consumption of liquid is usually very high during the hot season, it's very important to make sure that there are enough healthy beverages to avoid the cold drinks found in shops that usually contain large amounts of sugar. Consuming large amount of sugary drinks is harmful for our health.

So, let's run through some tips and practical ideas about having healthier and more refreshing beach drinks:

1- Water:

Water must always be our first choice for hydrating. It's a bonus that Finland has the cleanest tap water in the world, so just drink away!

2- Aromatic water:

At times, we might feel tired of drinking just plain water, especially for kids who may ask for sugary drinks or juices. To make it more fun yet still refreshing and healthy, with some exciting different taste, make aromatic water instead. It's quick and fun to do at home. Simply adding some fruits to water makes it a healthier drink that's sweet enough but with no added sugar.

Add fruits such as: slices of lemon or orange, peaches or apricots, aromatic and tasty berries such as raspberries, strawberries or blueberries, slices of lemon and cucumber plus some fresh mint leaves if you have, or a piece of ginger for a spicier taste; simply create a drink according to your fantasy and your taste. You could prepare this easily the day before, leave it in the fridge or prepare it a few hours before so the water will get the aroma and fruit flavors.

3- Reduce the juice

Kids are often big fans of juices or other sugary drinks; and we all know that these beverages are often very sweet. It's a good idea to cut the juice to some portion, for example to half, and then add and mix the rest of the cup or bottle with water. They still get the flavor that they like but with much less sugar or sweetness.

4- Home-made ice tea

Making iced tea at home is not only cheaper, but also an easier and a much healthier option to have refreshing drinks. Make it more fun by getting your children to help in the preparation. Prepare your favorite tea, and a herbal tea without caffeine for kids, then add your favorite fruit such as apples, peaches and lemon or maybe some herbs and spices such as mint, cinnamon or ginger to it. Let it cool before placing it in the fridge or adding ice cubes. This should be ready to serve with its full flavor, but if you desire to make it a little bit sweeter for kids, add a small amount of your favorite juice or more fruits.

5- Flavorful aromatic tea

If you don't even have time to make your own iced tea by cutting and adding your fruits, there's another way to have a healthy, tasty and refreshing drink at the beach. There are all varieties of teas in shops including caffeine-free and herbal teas which already have pieces of cinnamon, dry apple, dry peaches or apricots in them. People are usually fans of the ones with cinnamon and apples or mint, especially kids. Just buy those, boil water, and make the amount that you wish. Let it cool and place it in the fridge or add ice cubes right before you head to the beach.

6- Homemade juices and smoothies

If you have a juice maker at home and have more time, you can create your own delicious homemade juices by combining different fruits and vegetables (such as carrots and apples). Transfer to bottles and take them with you to the beach. If kids happen to be picky and difficult in eating salads and fresh fruits, these juices and smoothies are a good alternative for not only hydrating refreshments during summer, but also a good way to get them consumer more nutritious fruits and vegetables.

For an easy and healthy smoothie before going to the beach, just add cold water to the blender and a fruit of your choice, such as a banana, mango, or dates to make it sweet. Add some berries ie strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or a maybe combination of them, plus one teaspoon of tahini/sesame seeds paste (optional). Blend well, transfer it to the bottle and take it with you to the beach.

If you want to make it even more nutritious for kids, you can also add also some babyspinach leaves to your fruit and berry smoothie mixture. For adults, here's a delicious recipe for a refreshing frozen drink: blend 1/2 cup ice, 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/4 cup pineapple pieces (fresh or from the can), add a few spoons of water depending on how dense or liquid you like your drink to be.

7- Fresh fruits and vegetables

If you don’t have any time to prepare your homemade juice or smoothie, just bring some fresh fruits and vegetables that contain large amount of water in themselves such as: cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, and all variety of melons. Fruits make a nice dessert idea and vegetables are also nice to eat alone or to use as a dip in your favorite low-salt salsa, hummus (spread/levite made from chickpeas), or guacamole (spread made from avocados).

So, where to go this summer? Check out these beaches.

Opinion by Mehri R.



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